Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
St. Louis Hotel—by Stickney & Knight —Fourth street,
between Chesnut and Pine.
City Hotel —by Barnum, & Patton, —corner of Third and
Vine streets.
Green Tree Tavern —by Benjamin W.Ayres, —No. 68
south Second street.
Globe Tavern —by David P.Dana, —No. 8 Market street,
(south side.)
Missouri Hotel—by Webb & Billings —No. 194 north First
Street, corner of Oak.
National Hotel —by Stickney, & Knight, —corner of Mar-
ket and Third streets.
Union Hotel—by Fox & Blossom , corner of First and Prune
Jefferson House —by ElijahCurtis, , No. 46 1/2 north First,
corner of Pine street.
Virginia Hotel —by A. L.Corson, —on Vine street, between
First and Second.
Mansion House —by C. D.Walton, —corner of Fourth and
Locust streets.
Pension Francaise —by Henry F.Viguer, —on First street,
between Myrtle and Spruce streets.
Southern House —by B. F.Watkins, —corner of Second and
Chesnut streets.
Commercial Hotel —by Mrs.Pasteur, —Laurel street, be-
tween Front and First.
St. Louis House —by H.Moore, —corner of First and Market
St. Louis Exchange —by UriahRaple, —corner of Second
and Prune Streets.
York House —corner of Second and Prune streets.