Saint Louis directory for the years ... Keemle's directory
Religious and Benevolent Societies.
St. Louis Cathedral —on Walnut, between Second and
Third streets
Rt. Rev.P. J.Verhaegen,Bishop
Very Rev.Reverend Francis B.Jamison, ,Vicar General
St. Francis’ Cathedral, (unfinished,)
Corner of Ninth and Greene streets
First Associate Reformed Presbyterian
Church —corner of Fifth and Pine streets.

This church, whose name does not indicate her principles, had her
origin in a secession from the General Assembly of hte Church of Scot-
land, A. D.1733.

She is Presbyterial in her government and discipline, and Calvanistic
in her doctrines.

Among the principal promoters of this secession were the Rev.Reverend Ebe-, and RalphErskine, , and JamesFisher, , (author of a large Cate-
chism, explanatory of the Westminster divines’ ‘‘Shorter Catechism.’’
This large catechism is highly prized throughout the Presbyterian
churches of the United States, and is commonly known by the name of
Fisher and Erskines’ Catechism)

Another promoter of this secession was the Rev.Reverend ThomasBoston, , ce-
lebrated in the Presbyterian churches of these United States as the author of various standard theological works, of which the most generally
known is that one entitled, ‘‘Man’s four-fold state.’’ Many of these se-
ceders having in the progress of time emigrated to America, considered
that many of the same reasons for separation from the General Assem-
bly of Presbyterians existed also in America, and therefore continued a
distinct denomination, and assumed the name of Associate Reformed

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