The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..

Associate Reformed Presbyterians; two frame flouring mills completed
and one planing mill. For the churches and mills, except the planing
mill, we have no returns of the cost; but without these the whole
amount of materials used was $643,143, and the whole cost $1,094,828.

Two boat yards for the building of steam boats have been opened
in the city, with every prospect of success. They have already built
several boats.

A Floating Dock employing, on anaverage, about 50 hands, has been
in operation some time. During the year 1841, they took out and re-
paired 48 boats. Their charges for repairing, rebuilding, &c., that
year, amounted to $39,443. Most of the boats on the western waters,
now come to this port to repair. The facilities of docking the boat
being greater here than with any other dock, and the water in the
Mississippi being always sufficient to let them get out.

During the year 1841, there were 51 butchers engaged in supplying
the city with meat. The following is the aggregate of their returns
of cattle, &c. slaughtered during the year.

Number. Cost. Average Price.
Neat Cattle, 11,426 $181,801 $15 82
Calves, 2,370 10,988 4 63
Hogs, 16,950 88,375 5 18
Sheep, 10,060 20,910 2 08
40,806 $302,074

The cause of morals and education are as well sustained in this
city in proportion to its means and the extent of its population as in
any other city in the Union. There are in the city the following

Two Catholic Churches and a third commenced.

Two Presbyterian.

Two Episcopal.

Two Methodist.

One Baptist.

One Associate Reformed Presbyterian.

One Unitarian.

One German Lutherian:

Two African.

The Episcopalians have three Churches, but as yet, only two build-
ings. The Methodists are building another large Church. The As-
sociate Reformed Presbyterians are also building a large Church.—
The Baptist and Unitarian Churches have been considerably enlarged

There are two Colleges in a flourishing condition in the city and
vicinity, viz: St. Louis University, a Catholic Institution under the
Jesuits. Kemper College, situated four miles out, an Episcopal Insti-
tution. Each of these Institutions have a large number of students.

There are two medical schools, viz: The Medical Department of Kem-
per College, has held two winter sessions with large classes. The