The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..

with this, or similarly situated in the heart of so large and fertile
a tract of country—a country possessing a soil and climate and agri-
cultural facilities sufficient to supply the whole Union with bread
stuff's and meats,—with mines, the richness and inexhaustable amount
of whose ores are not equalled in the world,—with coal, water power,
and other facilities for any and every species of manufactories. Sur-
rounded by all these elements, with a navigation reaching from the
Falls of St. Anthony to the Gulf of Mexico, and from the base of the
Rocky Mountains to the Alleghenies, it requires neither the spirit of
prophecy nor a stretch of credulity to believe that the day must come
when St. Louis will be the most populous and largest inland town on
the continent.

The commerce of St. Louis is yet in its infancy. The country
around it is but beginning to develope its resources. Nevertheless,
the trade at present is of immense magnitude. It would be impossi-
ble here to enter into a detail of the exports and imports of the city for
the past year, suffice it to say, that they are known to have exceeded
$30,000,000 in 1841. During that year, about 186 steam boats visited
this port; about 150 were employed in the St. Louis trade the whole
or a greater portion of the year. There are 86 boats owned in whole
or in part by St. Louismerchants , with an aggregate tonnage of about
16,570 tons. From the first of January 1841, to the first of January,1842, the arrivals of steam boats at St. Louis amounted to 1,928, aggre-
gate tonage 262,681 tons.

The following table of exports from St. Louis to New Orleans per
steamboats, is taken from the manifests reported in Levy's Price Cur-
rent, for the year 1841. A large amount of produce was carried south
during the year, by flat and keel boats, which is not embraced, nor do
any of the exports to the Ohio or any of the sales along the coast ap-
pear in this statement :

Flax Seed.—9 hhds., 3 tierces, 40 bbls.
Tobacco.—8,009 hhds., 2,046 boxes, 78 bales.
Wheat.—1 tierce, 17,155 bbls., 49,435 sacks.
Whiskey.—1,723 bbls.
Shot.—7,024 kegs, 674 bags, 10 boxes.
Hides.—1,011 bales, 18 hhds., 24,777 hides.
Hemp.—77 bales.
Castor Oil.—1,889 bbls., 15 half bbls., 21 hhds., 51 boxes,
Corn Meal.—254 bbls., 89 sacks.
Buffalo Robes.—3,378 bales.
Beeswax.—43 hhds., 28 bbls., 2 half do, 7 sacks,
Rope.—11,162 coils.
Butter.—36 bbls., 24 half do., 3,436 kegs.
Bagging.—6,839 pieces.
Beans.—4,155 bbls., 612 sacks, 3 casks.
Furs and Peltries.—946 packages.
Green Fruit.—7,650 bbls., 100 sacks.
Dried Fruit.—43 bbls.