The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
Tallow.—632 bbls., 10 hhds., 3 boxes.
Bacon.—5,284 hhds., 407 bbls., 174 bxs, 21,649 pieces, 139,000 lbs.
Beef.—14 hhds., 8,620 bbls., 363 half bbls.
Dried do.—22 casks, 137 boxes, 26 bbls.
Corn.—98,804 sacks, 2,395 bbls., 7,900 bushels.
Flour.—82,419 bbls.
Lard.—4,364 bbls., 535 half do., 1 hhd., 55,285 kegs.
Lead.—455,708 pigs, 677 box bars.
Oats.—467 bbls., 18,224 sacks, 978 bushels.
Potatoes.—4,995 bbls., 5,962 sacks, 14 hhds.
Pork.—50,386 bbls., 197 half do., 31,509 pieces, 1,578,774 lbs., 38
boxes, 177 hhds.
Onions.—611 bbls., 431 sacks, 150 bushels.

In respect to manufacturing facilities St. Louis is not inferior to her
commercial advantages; but up to this time her facilities have not been
developed or improved to any considerable extent. For the manufac-
ture of iron, lead and copper, she has within a short distance an in-
conceivable amount of the raw material. In fact, the extent of the
ores in the various mineral districts to the north and south of the city
are immeasurable.

Bituminous stone coal of a very excellent quality abounds in near-
ly every direction from the city. Large deposits of this coal have been
discovered and are extensively worked, on the west of the Mississippi
at various distances of from two to six miles. East of the river in the
bluff, extensive coal banks are worked. Generally as the banks have
been penetrated, the coal has improved in character, and the vein in-
creased in size; The number, quantity and extent of the coal banks,
in the vicinity, are sufficient to give assurance that there never will
be a scarcity of this article. In addition to the coal in the immediate
vicinity, it is found in abundance in various parts of the river banks
above this. Several extensive foundaries, mills, and other work, shops
are carried on in the city by it.

The following are a few of the manufactories commenced in this city,
each of which may be said to be as yet in its infancy. During this
year, 1842, several other branches will be added to the list, and seve-
ral of those now in existence will be considerably enlarged. The re-
turns of these manufactories are for the year 1841. The number,
amount of work, hands, &c., is made put entirely with reference to
the business of that year.

There are two foundries in the city employing 140 hands, and used
during the year 1841, 77,165 worth of raw material, producing during
the year, 154,481 of manufactured articles. These foundaries are
large enough to accomplish any work usually required in the west.There are twelve stove, grate, tin and copper manufactories, em-
ploying 123 hands; have used in thte year raw material to- the amount
of $79,863 and turned out manufactured articles to the amount of