The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..

A.Adams, ,
Importer And Dealer ,
54, Main Street,
Is Continually Receiving
New Goods,
And has on hand at all times, an extensive assortment of
American And European
Fancy Goods,
The Following Are Some Of The Articles Comprising
His Stock, Any Of Which The Subscriber Can Sell
So As To Compete With Any House In St. Louis.

Linen cambric Hdkfs.
Percussion Caps,
Spool Thread,
Eau de Cologne,
Ivory Combs,
Cord for ladies dresses,
Looking Glasses,
Tuck Combs,
Silver Pencil Cases,
Violin Strings,
Drilled Eyed Needles,
Pocket Knives,
Shell and horn side Combs,
Ladies' Work Baskets,
Needle work Collars,
Travelling Baskets,
Boot Laces,
Tooth Brushes,
Shoe Brushes,
Portable Desks,
Ambrosial shav'g Cream,
Ivory & horn dres'g combs
Persian Otto of Roses,
German silver Spoons,
Hook and Eyes,
Puffs and Boxes,
Pearl Shirt Buttons,
Bone and horn do.
Cotton Thread,
Hair Brushes,
Violin Strings,
Linen Collars,
Indellible Ink,
Pearl Powder,
German and English Pins,
Horse Brushes,
Sewing Silk,
Metal and Ivory Eyeletts,
Of Every Description,