The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
Patterson, Robt., stage driver , ccorner Market and Eighth.
Patton, John M., (B & P) City Hotel, ccorner Vine and Third.
Patton, Rev. Wm.William, Fifth bbetween St. Charles and Washington Avenue.
Patton, Mrs.Lucinda, widow, St. George's.
Pauer, . Philip, jour.shoe maker , 37 nnorth Seventh.
Pauer, John, barber , Carondelet Avenue bbetween Wood and Barry.
Paul, Col. R., 88 Elm.
Paul, Almarin B., clerk , 149 nnorth First.
Paul, Miss Maria, ccorner Clark and Skinner.
Paul, Peter, laborer , Spruce bbetween First and Second.
Paulding, John W., hatter , Sixth bbetween Spruce and Cerre.
Pauls, Ferdinand, laborer , Short near Wood.
Paxon, John W., clerk , 14 Market.
Payne, Geo. W., jour.cabinet maker , 148 nnorth Second.
Payne, S. D., victualing house, 60 Oak.
Payne, Sam'l., laborer , Franklin Avenue bbetween Ninth and Tenth.
Peacocke, James S., M.D. , 96 nnorth Third.
Pease, J.S. & , w and rhardware m'ch'tsmerchants , 20 nnorth First; res.residence Fourth bbetween
Plum and Cedar.
Pease, Henry L., (JSP & Co) man'fc'tr of hose & wire ware, 20 nnorth 1st.
Peash, John, jour.painter , 9 nnorth Second.
Peash, Geo., jour.painter , 9 nnorth Second.
Pearce, John J., plumber and hydrant maker , Market bbetween 10th and 11th.
Pearson, Henry, book keeper , Gas Light, 100 nnorth First.
Peart, P. R., stone mason , Olive bbetween Sixth and Seventh.
Peck, R.B. & , gen'lcom.commission merchants , 45 nnorth Front, up stairs.
Peck, C. A., (RBP & Co) merchant , res.residence ccorner Fifth and Market.
Peck, Chas. H., carpenter , ccorner Chesnut and Seventh; res.residence 84 Market.
Peek, Nelson, brick maker , Convent bbetween Second and Third.
Peers, V. J., St. Louis boarding house, ccorner First and Market.
Peets, S. G, boarding house, 8 nnorth Third.
Pegels, Fred., carpenter , St. George's.
Peibacher, John, steward , 157 nnorth First.
Pelkin, G., rgrocer , Cedar bbetween Second and Third.
Pclloux, James, clerk , 8 nnorth First.
Peltier, Joseph, ssouth bbetween mate , 74 Locust.
Peltier, Jeremiah, Tavern, ccorner Second and Cedar.
Pembridge, Mrs.Mary, boarding house, Prune bbetween First and Front.
Penn.S., Jr.junior , editor Mo.Missouri Reporter , res.residence Morgan bbetween Fifth and Sixth.
Penner, Conrad, market man , Eleventh bbetween Carr and Wash.
Penninghouse, Robert, clerk , 18 Market.
Penningroth, Mrs.Eliza, widow, 70 Olive.
Pennington, John T., clerk , 8 ssouth First.
Pennington, William A., Pine bbetween Fourth and Fifth.
Penny, Isaac, jour.blacksmith , 85 Olive.
Penrod, Jonathan, ssouth bbetween pilot , 162 nnorth Sixth.
Penson, Joseph, laborer , Broadway bbetween Hickory and Pear.
Pentel, Peter, locksmith , Plum bbetween First and Second.
Perchbocher, Fred., jour.baker , 39 nnorth Second.