The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
Rucker, L. F., livery stable , 2d bbetween Laurel & Prune, res.residence 2d bbetween Cherry and
Rucker, Mrs.Elizabeth, widow, Seventh bbetween Wash and Carr.
Rudolph, Wiley, brick layer , Seventh bbetween Market and Walnut.
Rudolph, John, laborer , Wood near Short.
Rueff, Christmann, baker , Carondelet Ave.avenue bbetween Wood and Barry.
Ruehl,Etian , chandler, Sixth bbetween Cerre and Gratiot.
Ruell, Baptiste, ssouth bbetween bar keeper , 62 Olive.
Ruggles, Abijah, butcher , (R & A) Skinner bbetween Walnut and Clark.
Ruggles & Chace , wdry good, grocery & com.commission m'chants , 55 nnorth First.
Ruggles,Charles A., (R & C) merchant , 55 nnorth First.
Ruland, John, Clerk Circuit Court, res.residence 25 ssouth Fifth.
Rule, Wm.William R., Flour Inspector , Fifth bbetween Convent and Rutgers.
Rumpff, Henry, Marine Exchange, 198 nnorth First.
Rush, Patrick, New Market Tavern, 158 Broadway.
Ruskamp, Matthias, laborer , Franklin Avenue bbetween Fourth and Fifth.
Russell, Timothy, Sixth bbetween Green and Washington Avenue.
Russell, Sam'l., com.commission m'ch'tmerchant , res.residence Fifth bbetween St. Charles and Locust.
Russell, Mrs.Leannah, widow, Second bbetween Hickory and Pear.
Russell, Mrs.Rebecca, widow, 24 Market.
Russell, John, school teacher , 28 Cedar.
Russell, John, Globe Tavern Victualing House, 8 Market.
Russell, Wm.William A., clerk , 15 nnorth First.
Russell, MissTheressa, 62 nnorth Fifth.
Russell, Isaiah, ssouth bbetween pilot , Wash bbetween Sixth and Seventh.
Russell, Reuben, school teacher , Fifth bbetween Convent and Sycamore.
Rust, John C, (AM & Co) hardware merchant , 23 nnorth First.
Rutgers, Mrs.Johanna M., widow, 128 ssouth Second.
Rutgers, Louis, col'dcolored , Fifth bbetween Rutgers and Park Avenue.
Ruth, Wm.William, jour.printer , Second bbetween Cherry and Hickory.
Ruths, Peter, bar keeper , 93 nnorth Front.
Rutherford, John, merchant , res.residence ccorner Walnut and Seventh.
Rutherford, Thos. S., w and r dry good merchant, 24 nnorth First
Rutherford, A. S., clerk , 24 nnorth First.
Rutlige, Robert, stone mason , Sixth bbetween Franklin Avenue and Wash.
Rutter, John, jour.butcher , Clark bbetween Fifteenth and Sixteenth.
Ryan, Thomas, jour.stone mason , Walnut bbetween Eighth and Ninth.
Ryan, Patrick, bar keeper , 36 Olive.
Ryan, Patrick, American Star Tavern , Green bbetween Fifth and Sixth.
Ryan,Thomas, laborer , Eighth bbetween Franklin Ave.avenue and Morgan.
Ryan, Mrs.Elizabeth, widow,Tenth bbetween Morgan and Franklin Ave.avenue
Ryan, John G., ssouth bbetween bar keeper , Tenth bbetween Morgan and Franklin Ave.avenue
Ryan, John, laborer , ccorner Plum and First.
Ryan, Mrs.Mary, widow, Sixth bbetween Morgan and Green.
Ryan, Wm.William, laborer , Fifth bbetween Carr and Wash.
Ryder, Patrick, Morgan, bbetween Seventh and Eighth.
Ryrie, Wm.William, medical student , 62 Chesnut.
Ryrie, MissJane, Franklin Avenue bbetween Seventh and Eighth.