The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
Saal, Jacob, jour.blacksmith , 116 Olive.
Sachs, Michael, tailor , Second bbetween Cedar and Mulberry.
Sagar, James, teacher of short hand, 172 nnorth First.
Sage, Cornwell, carpenter , Sixth bbetween Biddle and Davis.
Sage, James, wagon maker , Market bbetween Ninth and Tenth.
Sagner, Benedick, boot and shoe maker , 145 nnorth Second.
Sagner, Julius, jour.boot and shoe maker , 145 nnorth Second.
Saler, Francis, brick layer and mason ,ccorner hird and Rutgers.
Salisbury, P., w and rboot and shoe dealer , 6 nnorth First, res.residence 116 nnorth 2d.
Sallous, J.Antoine, clerk , 111 nnorth First.
Salm, Wm.William,ssouth Market bbetween Park Avenue and Barry.
Salorgne, Theodore, carriage manufactory, 152 nnorth Second.
Saltmarsh, Wm.William E., ssouth bbetween Capt.captain , Sixth bbetween Wash and Carr.
Saltmarsh, Chas. H., ssouth bbetween Engineer , Sixth bbetween Wash and Carr.
Sampson, John, ssouth bbetween bar keeper , Eighth bbetween Biddle and Carr.
Samuel, Mark, rclothing dealer , 32 nnorth Front, res.residence 44 Locust.
Sand, Engelbert, laborer , Eighth bbetween Biddle and Davis.
Sand, Martin, laborer , Sixth bbetween Franklin Avenue and Wash.
Sandbach, Wm.William, boarding house, 16 ssouth First.
Sandberg, P. G., family grocery , ccorner 2d and Locust, res.residence 107 nnorth Second.
Sandford, Michael,carpenter , Cerre bbetween Fourth and Fifth.
Sandford, Abraham, blacksmith , Cerre bbetween Fourth and Fifth.
Sands, S. G., cigar manufactory and dealer , 170 nnorth First.
Sands, Wm.William A., clerk , 171 Broadway.
Sanguinett, Chas., clerk , 75 nnorth First.
Santmann, Christian, Franklin Avenue bbetween Eighth and Ninth.
Sarrade, Madam , Rosalie, widow, ccorner Fifth and Elm.
Sauer, Nicolas, jour.tailor , Eleventh bbetween Wash and Carr.
Sauer, Benj., laborer , Ninth bbetween Franklin Avenue and Wash.
Sauer, Chas., carpenter , Carondelet Avenue bbetween Barry and Wood.
Saum, Etian, stone mason , Columbus bbetween Carroll and Soulard.
Saunders, W. H., (S & H) chandler , Morgan bbetween 12th and 13th.
Savory, Mrs.P, widow, Oak bbetween Second and Broadway.
Scanlin, Michael, jour.tailor , ccorner Seventh and Biddle.
Scannell, Timothy, wagon maker , 84 Prune.
Schaeffer, Nicolas, soap and candle factory , 233 nnorth First.
Schaeffer, Henry, clerk , 51 nnorth First.
Sehaeffer, Adolph, laborer , Spruce bbetween Thirteenth and Fourteenth.
Schaeffer, Henry, steward , Olive bbetween Second and Third.
Schaeffer, Henry, larborer , 131 nnorth Fifth.
Schaeffer, Henry, carter , Eighth bbetween Wash and Carr.
Schaffer, Walter, butcher , St. Charles road, beyond city.
Schaffer, Adam, laborer , ccorner Wash and Thirteenth.
Schaipmeyer, Fred., Eighth bbetween Carr and Biddle.
Schals, Richard, laborer , Eighth bbetween Wash and Carr.
Schamel, Conrad, laborer , Seventh bbetween Franklin Avenue and Wash.
Schammer, Wm.William, porter , 60 nnorth Front.