The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
Ward, George E., 30 ssouth First.
Ward, John H., general agent , 20 Locust.
Ward, Thomas, stone mason , Mulberry bbetween Third and Fourth.
Ward, Louis C., ssouth bbetween captain , ccorner Fourth and Gratiot.
Ward, Abraham, ssouth bbetween carpenter , Buel bbetween Marion and Carroll.
Ward, Porter, carter , Buel bbetween Marion and Carroll.
Ware, Edward Y., clerk , res.residence , Pine bbetween Seventh and Eighth.
Ware, Mrs.M. J., widow, Pine bbetween Seventh and Eighth.
Ware, M., blacksmith , Myrtle bbetween Sixth and Seventh.
Ware, Thomas, cartenter , ccorner Myrtle and Sixth.
Warfield, John, jour.cooper , ccorner Ninth and Chesnut.
Warne, T. S., merchant res.residence ccorner Seventh and Spruce.
Warrance, Fred. G., carriage maker , Chesnut bbetween 3rd and 4th, alley.
Warrcn, Luke, market master , nnorth market, res.residence 66 Vine.
Warren, Horace, (N & W) 115 nnorth First.
Warren, Edward, grocer , Broadway bbetween Carr and Wash.
Warren, Peter, tanner and currier , 67 ssouth Second.
Warren, Austin, jour.shoe maker , 164 nnorth First.
Warrens, Edward, att'y at law, res.residence Fourth bbetween Cerre and Gratiot.
Washburn, Delphus, hide and shoe dealer , 157 nnorth First.
Washburn, J. W., boarding house, ccorner Fifth and Market.
Washington Fire Engine House , Second bbetween Cedar and Mulberry.
Wate, W. B., jour.carpenter , 23 Myrtle.
Waters, James L., clerk , 23 nnorth Front.
Waters, John, clerk , 16 nnorth First.
Waters, Stephen, carpenter , res.residence ccorner Seventh and Green.
Waters., Geo., carpenter , ccorner Sixth and Green.
Watkins, D. J., portrait painter , ccorner Fourth and Chesnut.
Watkins, Thos, wood merchant , res.residence Fourth bbetween Poplar and Plum.
Watkins, Francis, ssouth bbetween engineer , Spruce bbetween Third and Fourth, alley.
Watkins, Henry, Spruce bbetween Third and Fourth, alley.
Watts, S. A., clerk , 52 Market.
Watson, E.Y. & N.F. , M.D. , Pine bbetween Fourth and Fifth.
Watson, Henry F., clerk , Post Office.
Watson, R. D., w and rchina, glass and queensware dl'r, 27 nnorth First.
Watson, Wm.William, jour.baker , Seventh bbetween Franklin Ave.avenue and Wash.
Watson, John S., painter , Olive bbetween Seventh and Eighth.
Watson, James, ssouth bbetween Capt. , Franklin Avenue bbetween Ninth and Tenth.
Waugh & Corthron , dry good merchants. 22 Market.
Waverly Coffee House , Wm.William W. Broemfield,78 nnorth First.
Weaver, Adam, jour.blacksmith , 111 nnorth Second.
Webb, John G., mf'cl'r of gas, chemical, oil, &c. , 35 ssouth First.
Webb, Solomon, jour.carpenter , Convent bbetween Third and Fifth, alley.
Webb, Cephas, professor music, 46 Morgan.
Webb & Smith , variety store , 26 Market.
Webb, Wm.William G., [W & S] variety store , res.residence 96 Market.
Webe, Andreas, jour.blacksmith , 74 Pine.
Weber, Wm.William , Editor, & c. , German Paper , 33 Pine.
Weber, A. A., tinner , res.residence Sixth bbetween Green and Morgan.