The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
Campen, George, jour.carpenter , Morgan bbetween Fourth and Fifth.
Campen, Mrs.Anna, bonnet and dress maker , Morgan bbetween 4th & Fifth.
Cancer, John, saddle aud harness maker , 16 ssouth First.
Cannell, Mary F., colored wash woman , Almond bbetween First and Second.
Cannon, John J., clerk , 99 nnorth First.
Cannon, T. V., Carolina boarding house, 142 nnorth First.
Canter, E., grocer and w and rdealer in crockery ware, 160 nnorth First.
Capell, G, W., painter , (E & C ) Second bbetween Lombard and Hazel.
Carey, Michael, jour.carpenter , ccorner First and Plum.
Carlan, Hugh, jour, boot maker , 33 Vine.
Carlin, Miss Bridget, Fourth bbetween Myrtle and Elm.
Carlisle, Wm.William, jour.barber , 19 Locust.
Carlisle, David, brick layer , Morgan bbetween Eleventh and Twelfth.
Carlisle, Misses, dress makers , 120 Market.
Carolina Boarding House , 142 nnorth First.
Caron, Dominick, painter , Fifth bbetween Convent and Rutgers, Alley.
Carpenter, C. J., M.D. ,office 198 nnorth First, res.residence ccorner Market and Fifth.
Carpenter, C. G, coffee house, 84 nnorth Front.
Carr, Archibald, City Recorder , 170 nnorth Fourth.
Carr, Robt., architectral and ornamental carver , ccorner Morgan & Fourth.
Carr, Walter C, (C & C ) bagging factory, St. George's.
Carr, Nelson, col'dcolored porter , Sixth bbetween Poplar and Cerre.
Carr, Rhoda, col'dcolored wash woman , Sixth bbetween Poplar and Cerre.
Carr, Sophia, ssouth Market, bbetween Soulard and Rutgers.
Carr, Judge, Franklin Avenue, beyond the city.
Carragan, Matthew, laborer , Eighth bbetween Biddle and Davis.
Carrell, Rev.reverend G. A.,D.D.Vice President St. Louis University .
Carrell, John F., ship carp'nt'r & calker , Jackson bbetween Marion & Carroll.
Carrell, John, ship carpenter and calker , Jackson bbetween Marion & CarrolL.
Carroll, Peter, huckster , Carr bbetween Seventh and Eighth.
Carroll, William, blacksmith , 65 Spruce.
Carroll, C. C., attorney at law , office 18 Chesnut, res.residence ccorner Ninth & Olive.
Carrot, Benj., drayman , ccorner Sixth and Poplar.
Carson, John W., boarding house, Walnut bbetween First and Front.
Carson, John B., clerk , 30 nnorth First.
Carson, H. D., ssouth bbetween pilot , Sixth bbetween Morgan and Green.
Carson, Henry S., joursaddler , 107 nnorth First.
Carstens & Schuetze w and rdruggists and importers , 163 nnorth First.
Carstens, H. A., (C & S ) druggist , 163 nnorth First.
Carter, Henry, cigar maker , Second bbetween Spruce and Almond, res.residence Poplar
b. First and Second
Carter, —, carpenter . Clark, bbetween Seventh and Eighth.
Carter, John F., clerk , (U.S.A.Paymaster ,) 53 Laurel.
Carter, Robert, jour.blacksmith , 70 nnorth Second.
Carter, Vincent, trimmer , Fourth bbetween Morgan and Green.
Carter, Mrs.Louisa B., widow, Fifth bbetween Locust and Vine.
Carter, Miss Frances P., Fifth bbetween Locust and Vine.
Carter & Powers , carriage m'f't. and repository, ccorner Locust and Fifth.
Carter, James, (S & C ) exchange office, 117 nnorth First.