The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
Conway, Thomas, Jackson House, 61 nnorth Front.
Conway, Owen, bar keeper , 61 nnorth Front.
Conway, Fred. R., recorder U.S. land titles, 7th bbetween Walnut and Elm.
Conway, Mrs.Margaret, widow, Eighth bbetween Morgan and Franklin Ave.avenue
Conzelman, G., upholster and paper hanger, 5½ nnorth Second.
Cook, Otis, jour.printer , 28½ nnorth First.
Cook, M. C., M.D. , 66 nnorth First.
Cook, Samuel, jour.butcher , St. Charles road bbetween 16th and 17th.
Cook, Peter, jour.carpenter , Morgan bbetween Tenth and Eleventh.
Cook, Sebastian, shoe maker , Third bbetween Convent and Sycamore, alley.
Cooke, Albert R., (B & C ) d good merchant , 2 nnorth First and 15 Market.
Cooke, Miss Delia, Seminary, 47 ssouth Fifth.
Cookson, John, jour.wagon maker , 28 Green.
Coolidge, Curtis, (C & C ) dealer in wooden ware, 13 nnorth Front.
Coonce, Felix, res.residence Fifth bbetween Franklin Avenue and Wash.
Coons, Geo. W., wholesale and retail dry good and grocery merchant ,
1 ssouth Front, res.residence ccorner Cedar and Fourth.
Coons, Mrs. Mary A., widow, Eleventh bbetween Green and Morgan.
Coons, MrsMary, widow, ccorner Second and Walnut.
Coons, Chas., tailor , Ninth, bbetween Franklin Avenue and Wash.
Coop, John, ssouth bbetween engineer , Eleventh near Morgan.
Cooper, Wm.William G., Powhattan house, 57 ssouth 1st, res.residence 9th bbetween Chesnut & Pine.
Cooper, William, clerk , Eighth, bbetween Carr and Biddle.
Cooper, Jesse, jour.plow maker , 237 nnorth First.
Copp, Samuel, jr.junior , book keeper , 79 nnorth First.
Copson, Daniel, sash and blind maker , Morgan bbetween Seventh and Eighth.
Coquelet, J. B., laborer , Fifth bbetween Carr and Wash.
Corbin, A. R, 32 Morgan.
Cordell, Mrs.L. L., Teacher Public School, ccorner Spruce and Fourth.
Cordes, A. C, Weston House and family grocery, ccorner Fifth and Olive.
Corl, J. H., city guager and inspector of domestic liquors, 47 nnorth Front.
Corlay, Joseph, calker , Washington Avenue bbetween Fourth and Fifth.
Corley, W. C., chair and cabinet maker , 26 Pine.
Cornthwait & , druggists , Fourth near ccorner Olive.
Cornthwait, D. Wilson, (C & Co ) Fourth near ccorner Olive.
Cornucopiae coffee house , 14 Olive.
Corse, James M., wholesale druggist , 69 nnorth First.
Corse, Wm.William H., clerk , 69 nnorth First.
Corse, Wm.William, jour.printer , Alley bbetween Third & 5th & Convent & Rutgers.
Corwin, Mrs.Mary, widow, Cedar bbetween Second and Third.
Coser, Chas., bar keeper , ccorner Second and Olive.
Cosgrave, Mrs.Ann, widow, 145 nnorth Seventh.
Cosper, Wm.William, jour.shoe maker , 164 nnorth First.
Cotton, Geo. W., ssouth bbetween engineer , 157 nnorth First.
Coughlan, Mrs.Jane, widow, ccorner Pine and First.
Coulter, L., clerk , 160 nnorth First.
Coulter, Wm.William, brick moulder , Eleventh bbetween Market and Walnut.
County Court Recorder's office , court house.
County Jail , G. C.Melody, , jailor , ccorner Sixth and Chesnut