The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
Court House , Fourth bbetween Market and Chesnut.
Coursault, Edward, clerk , 70 nnorth First.
Couzins, John D., watchman & carpenter , 2d bbetween Hazel & Lombard.
Couzins, Mrs.Mary, widow, Franklin Ave.avenue bbetween Tenth and Eleventh.
Cove, Wm.William, jour.carpenter , ccorner Franklin Avenue and Seventh.
Cowie, John, weigh master at old market, res.residence 96 ssouth Second.
Cowie, James, jour.saddler , 140 nnorth First.
Cowles, Mrs.Betsey, widow, 113 ssouth Third.
Cowles, William P., clerk , 113 ssouth Third.
Cox, Peter, colored barber , 26½ Olive.
Cox, Jacob B., teamster , Frankiln Avenue bbetween Tenth and Eleventh.
Cox, Thomas, jour.moulder , Franklin Avenue bbetween Ninth and Tenth.
Cox, Thomas J., mill engineer , Fourth bbetween Cedar and Mulberry.
Cox, David, laborer , Thirteenth bbetween Spruce and Lane.
Coxe, Henry S., Pres't. Mutual Insurance Company , res.residence 29 Chesnut.
Coyle, John, nailer and white smith , Fourth bbetween Green and Morgan.
Cozzens & Matras , city and county sur'vrs. and estate br'ks. , 28 Pine.
Cozzens, Wm.William H., (C & M ) city and county surveyor and estate broker
res.residence ccorner Seventh and Elm.
Cozzens, William F., (H & C ) copper smith , 158 nnorth Third.
Crabtree, Benj., teamster , Mound bbetween Broadway and Second.
Craft, Mrs.Hannah, 23 Green.
Craft, Miss Bithema, Sixth bbetween Biddle and Carr.
Craig, Adam D., drayman , 34 Pine.
Craig, Alexander, jour. blacksmith, Seventh bbetween Carr and Biddle.
Craige, James, jour.cabinet maker , 12 nnorth Third.
Cramer, John, (H & C ) cut glass manufacturers , 73 nnorth Second, alley.
Cramer, John, market man , Morgan bbetween Fourth and Fifth.
Crane, Benj. F., watchmaker and jeweller , 13 nnorth First.
Crane, J. H., jour.upholster , 26 nnorth Second.
Crane, Henry, stage driver , ccorner Market and Eighth.
Crangle, Peter, ship carpenter , Madison, near Welch's Mills.
Crater, Boatlin, blacksmith Broadway bbetween Hickory and Pear.
Craven, Robert, jour.maltster , Cherry bbetween Second and Third.
Cravy, Francis, col'dcolored ssouth bbetween fireman , ccorner Eighth and Spruce.
Cravy, Catharine, col'dcolored wash woman , ccorner Eighth and Spruce.
Cravy, Phillis, col'dcolored wash woman , ccorner Eighth and Spruce.
Crawford, Frazier, jour.tinner , 43 nnorth First.
Creaighead, George, (W & C ) painter , res.residence Locust near Second.
Creighton, John, binder , 132 nnorth Second.
Crelle, Francis, jour.carpenter , Cedar bbetween Third and Fourth.
Creman, Gerad, laborer , ccorner Seventh and Biddle.
Cremore, John, furrier , Market bbetween Eleventh and Twelfth.
Crickmur, John P., jour.carriage maker , ccorner Second and Olive.
Crimmier, Timothy, porter , 157 nnorth First.
Crinion, Richard, stone cutter , Ninth bbetween Market and Walnut.
Cristmann, Martin, laborer , Hazel bbetween Second and Third.
Crittenden, Hiram, paper dealer and commission m'chantmerchant , 134 nnorth First.
Crittenden, A. F., bar keeper , 157 nnorth First.