The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
Colleges, Academies, &c.
Board Of Trustees St. Louis University.

Rev.reverend P. J.Verhagen, , President ; Rev.reverend J.Vandevelde, , V. President ;
Rev.reverend G. A.Carrell, , Secretary ; Rev.reverend P.Verheyden, , Treasurer ; Rev.reverend Messrs.
J.Emis, , Mignard, , O.Loghlin, , Druyts, .

Officers of the University.

Rev.reverend J.Vandevelde, , President ; Rev.reverend Geo. A.Carrell, , Vice President ;
Rev.reverend J. B.Emis, , Prefect of Studies ; Rev.reverend J. B.Druyts, , Librarian ; Rev.reverend A.
Maesseele, , Procurator ; E.Vitalis, M.D., and ThomasMcMartin, M.D.,
attending physicians .

Academy Of The Sacred Heart.

Madam Elenor M.Gray, , Superior . Lady Assistants, 24; Boarders, 45;
Day Scholars, 23; Orphans educated and supported in the establishment, 26.

Medical Society Of Missouri.

MeredithMartin, M.D., President ; ThomasReyburn, M.D., Vice-Presid't ;
R. P.Simmons, M.D., Treasurer ; JamesSykes, M.D., Corresponding Sec'ysecretary ;
John B.Gray, M.D., Recording Sec'ysecretary .

Western Academy Of Natural Sciences.

B. B.Brown, M.D., D.D.S.President ; Geo.Engelmann, M.D., Vice
President ; M. P.Leduc, , Treasurer ; Wm.WilliamWeber, , Recording Secretary .

Chairmen of Departments—Dr.B. B.Brown, , Zoology; G.Schuelze, ,
Botany; Dr.Wislizenus, , Natural Philosophy and Meteorology; Dr.Geo.
Engelmann, , Chemistry and Minerology; Dr.HenryKing, , Geology.

The hall of the Academy is upon the north east corner of Fourth and
Chesnut streets, up stairs; entrance on Chesnut street.

St. Louis German Academy.

Incorporated by an act of the General Assembly, approved Feb. 13th, 1839.

School on Myrtle between Third and Fourth-sts.streets Property $2000.

Board of Trustees for the year 1842.

Dr.EdwardRose, , Chairman ; Dr.EugeneHeldritt, , Cashier ; Philip
Ewald, , JohnWeinheimer, , John C.Miller, , HenryBloome, , MathiasSteitz, ,
Trustees ; Wm.WilliamWeber, , Secretary ; Julius G.Weyse, , Professor .

Medical Department Of Kemper College.

J. NMcDowell, M.D., Professor of Anatomy nnd Surgery, Dean of the Fa-
culty; W. CarrLine, M.D., Prof, of Obstetrics and diseases of women and chil-
dren; John DeWolf, M.D., Prof. of Chemistry; E. H.Merryman, M.D., Pro.
of Materia Medica; R. F.Barrett, M.D., Prof. of Physiology and Padiology; J.
S.Moore, M.D., Prof. of Theory and Practice; S. GratzMoses, M.D., Adj.Pro.
of Obst. and Diseases of women and children.

This institution holds its sessions in the winter season, four months each,—Price of course $100.

Medical College Of The St. Louis University,

Located on Washington Avenue between Ninth and Tenth Streets.

Organized in 1836; re-organized, 1841. A summer course of lectures in