The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
Hart, Thomas, jour.saddler , 140 N First.
Hart, Henry J., clerk , 72 nnorth Second.
Hart, MissMary E., ccorner Spruce and Seventh.
Hart, Mrs.Benjamin, Sixth bbetween Poplar and Cerre.
Hart, Brewster,carpenter , Locust bbetween Fifth and Sixth.
Hart, William, Eighth bbetween Morgan and Franklin Avenue.
Hartman, Samuel, jour.moulder , Fifth bbetween Carr and Wash.
Hartman, John, jour.carpenter , ccorner Front and Myrtle.
Hartman, MissLouisa, Wood bbetween Carondelet Ave.avenue and river.
Hartonben, Henry, laborer , Broadway bbetween Hickory and Pear.
Hartshorn, William, dealer in hides, produce, ac.ccorner 2d and Elm.
Har, Uhorn, Louis A., 37 Elm.
Harves, John D.jr.junior , [KT & H] dg merchant , 15 market.
Harvey, David D., jour.bricklayer , Fifth bbetween Conventand Rutgers.
Harvey, John, carter , Hazel bbetween Second and Third.
Haselick, Monroe, cook , Third bbetween Hazel and Mulberry.
Haskins, Joseph, carpenter , Wash bbetween Eighth and Ninth.
Hauer, Henry, laborer , Carondelet Avenue bbetween Marion and Barry.
Hausmann, Gnstave, basket and hat maker , 123 ssouth First.
Havens, Joseph, w and rdg anil gro.m'ch'nt , 1 ssouth First, ccorner Market
Haverty, John, clerk , ccorner Vine and Fourth.
Hawes, John B., jour.carpenter , Fifth Market and Walnut, Alley.
Hawken, J. & S. , gun smiths , 31 Laurel.
Hawken, Jacob, [J & SH] gun smith , 31 Laurel.
Hawken, Samuel, [J & Sh] gun smith , 35 Laurel.
Hawkins & Howard , coffin makers , &c., 51 nnorth Second.
Hawkins, Harrison, jour.carpenter , 70 Myrtle.
Hawkins, Emanuel, cabinet maker , Second bbetween Oak and Cherry.
Hawley, S.W., & , hat and shoe dealers , 166 nnorth First.
Hawley, J. M., clerk , Planters' House.
Hawks, Henry, carter , Washington Avenue bbetween Eighth and Ninth.
Hawthorn, J. & , Managers Hospital Lottery, 65 nnorth First.
Hay, Agens & , hatand cap manufacturers and dealers, 104 nnorth First.
Hay, Patrick, laborer , Fifth bbetween Poplar and Cerre, Alley.
Hayden,Mrs.Betsey, widow, 119 Market.
Haydon, Jonathan, jour.shoe maker 164 nnorth First
Haydon, Charles, jour.saddler , 140 nnorth First.
Haydon, Elijah, Spruce bbetween First and Second.
Hayes, Walter, bar keeper , ccorner Franklin Avenue and Seventh.
Hay man, E. & C.C , w and rd good merchants , 4 nnorth First
Hayman, Charles C, [E & CCH] merchant , 4 nnorth First.
Hayman, Edward, [E & CCH] merchant , 4 nnorth First.
Hays, Thomas, shoe maker , Broadway bbetween Hickory and Pear.
Hays, Richard, jour.stone mason , Seventhb Spruce and Almond.
Hay ward, A., fur dealer, res.residence Eighth bbetween Chesnut and Pine.
Hazard, D., clerk , Vine bbetween First and Front
Hazard, Peyton R., ssouth bbetween pilot , Seventh bbetween Spruce and Myrtle.
Heath, A. W., M.D. , Myrtle bbetween Fifth and Sixth.
Heathering, John H., drayman , Spruce bbetween 13th and 14th.