The Saint Louis directory,for the year 1842 ... with a sketch of the city of Saint Louis ..
Horner, Mrs.Elizabeth, widow, boarding house, 145 Market
Hornsey, John, milkman , St. George's.
Horine, William, butcher , Second bbetween Hazel and Sycamore.
Horine, Michael, butcher , Second bbetween Hazel and Sycamore.
Hortiz, John B., dancing master , Second bbetween Plum and Cedar.
Horton, Samuel W., jour.mill stone maker , Morgan bbetween 10th and 11th.
Horwill, John, 85 nnorth Third.
Hoscy, Peter, cook , Market bbetween First and Front, alley.
Hospital , St. Louis, ccorner Fourth and Spruce.
Hoste, Charles, turner , Almond bbetween Second and Third.
Hostinger, Ansen, laborer , 12th bbetween Franklin Avenue and Wash.
Hostman, Rudolph, drayman , 168 nnorth Fourth.
Hostman, Frederick, laborer , 168 nnorth Fourth.
Hough, Daniel, Sec'ysecretary . Marine Insurance , res.residence Olive bbetween 6th and 7th.
House,-M.D. , office 65 nnorth Fourth.
House, Phillip M., clerk , 69 nnorth First.
Houston, G. W., clerk , 13 Market.
Houston, John, ssouth bbetween pilot , 116 Olive.
Houston, Joshua, jour.carpenter , ccorner Chesnut and Seventh.
Houston, Andrew, Franklin Avenue bbetween Twelfth and Thirteenth.
Hovaker, Peter C,clerk , 47 nnorth First.
Hovey, Eleazer, jewelry and cutlery dealer , 28 nnorth Front.
Hovey, Wm.William, clerk , 28nnorth Front.
Hovey, Leland A., clerk , 28 nnorth Front.
How, John, leather dealer , 39 nnorth First.
Howard, Sullivan, (H & H ) carpenters , res.residence 34 Pine.
Howard, Geo., jour.blacksmith , Chesnut bbetween Third and Fourth, alley.
Howard, Wm.William, tailor & scourer , 19 Green.
Howard, Miss Fidelia D., 19 Green.
Howard, Wm.William C,jour.printer , 19 Green.
Howard, Samuel, stone mason , Plum bbetween Second and Third.
Howard, Charles, ssouth bbetween man , Spruce bbetween Fourth and Fifth.
Howard, Louis, tavern, Second bbetween Mulberry and Lombard.
Howard, Richard J., bricklayer , ccorner Fifth and St. Charles.
Howard, Matthew,jour, carpenter , Seventh bbetween Biddlo and Davis.
Howe, Chency, M.D. , 30 Locust.
Howe, John, (C & H ) merchant , ccorner Franklin Avenue and Sixth.
Howe, John H.painter , Eighth bbetween Wash and Carr.
Howey, Thomas, stone cutler , Ninth bbetween Wash and Franklin Avenue.
Howlin, John, jour.bricklayer , Myrtle bbetween Sixth and Seventh.
Hoyl, George, jour. coach smith, ccorner Locust and Fifth.
Hoyle, Lawrence, grocer and dg merchant , 177 nnorth First.
Hoyle, George, ccorner Fourth and Elm.
Hoyt, James T., miller , Eagle mill
Hoyt, S. C,Eleventh, near ccorner Wash.
Hubbard & Mandlebaum , w and rdgmerchants , 25 ssouth First
Hubbard, William, (H & M ) dry good merchant , 25 ssouth First
Hubbard, B. D., bar keeper , ccorner Second and Prune.
Hubbard, Joseph, carpenter , Oak bbetween Second and Broadway.