Green's St. Louis directory :

numberers, as fast as they progressed. In this way, I waited till the 8th of July, which was after the time the numbering was to have been com-
pleted, and yet it was not then commenced!—the numbering not being
commenced at the time it ought to have been completed: from such pre-
mises, I was utterly nuable to make deduction when it would be com-
menced. This might be to-morrow; and then again it might not be
until some time near "the latter Lammas," that is to say—never. I ac-
cordingly recommenced canvassing, on the day above named, by taking
down the locations of individuals and firms, in the manner exhibited in
the following pages, which was the best that could have been adopted in
the absence of numbers, and finished during the second week of Septem-
ber. I never learnt on what day the numbering was either commenced
or completed, but my impression is, that the former was about the mid-
dle of August, and the latter about the middle of November. This I
know, however, that Carr-street, on the north of Market, was numbered
on the 5th, and Elm, on the south, on the 28th of October. If the streets
on the south of, and parallel with Elm, were numbered afterwards, the
work could not have been completed previous to the middle of Novem-
ber. This would have been rather long for me to have waited, for I
could not have taken account of the last number until it had been put
up—which was, probably, more than two months after I had finished
canvassing; and, even after that, I would have had a considerable part
of the city to have passed through, as the whole of the city is not num-
bered, and it was impossible for me to know where, on any particular
street, the numbering would be discontinued, or what streets would not
be numbered at all. I had, therefore, to pass along the principal streets,
(Market, and the business part of the streets north of Market,) a second
time, and took down the numbers which I have, being those of business
stands, and of such residences as I knew the names of the occupants.
This, together with the corrections thereby rendered necessary to the
original entries, took from three to four weeks more of my time, so that,
between the commencement and completion of my canvassing, I may be
said to have lost at least two months of time, occasioned by the re-num-
bering. These facts I state, merely as defensory of myself; at the same
time, disclaiming all, and every thing, savoring of censure upon the con-
tractor, as I have understood, unofficially, that he had his time for com-
pleting the work extended once or oftener.

But where no numbers are herein expressed, the direction is invaria-
ply so definite and plain, as to lead enquirer at once, if not to the
very door, at least to within a very few doors, of the place desired to be
found. A person residing, or doing business on a corner, the particular
corner is always designated, by the abbreviations ne, se, nw, sw, that is,
north-east, north-west, &c. And any person located between corners, is
designated by the particular side of the street occupied, by the abbrevia-
tions es, ws, ns, ss, for east side, west side, &c.; and by the bearing of
the location from the next street running cross-wise, as, "ns (northside)