Green's St. Louis directory :

The street along the levee, in front of the stores alluded to,
on the river, is called Water, or Front-street; the next street to
this is called First, or Main street, which extends about two
miles along the river, where the principal wholesale dry-goods
business is done: then follow the other parallel streets—Sec-
ond, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, & c.

The streets which cross these at right angles, are named somewhat like those of Philadelphia, after the forest and fruit
trees of the country. Market-street commences where the
ferry boats land from Illinois, and divides the city about in the
centre and is one of the avenues leading to country.

The Episcopalians have three churches here, and Kemper
college , situated about five miles west fo the city, is under
their supervision, to which is attached a medical department,
and a building within the city where lectures are delivered
during the winter.— There is an orphan asylum under the su-
pervision of the females of this denomination.

The Presbyterians have six churches, including one Seceder,
or Associate Reformed Presbyterian. The Baptists have two
churches; the Methodists three; the German Lutherans one;
the Dutch Reformed one; the Unitarians one; the people of
color have one Methodist and one Baptist; the Disciples, or
those familiarly known by the name of the Campbell Baptists,
worship at present in the Lyceum; the Universalists have a
society, but no building; the Protestants generally, have an
orphan asylum, on Seventh-street, between Franklin-avenue
and Morga-street, which is under the supervision of an asso-
ciation of ladies.

The Catholics have six churches, including three now being
built. The Saint Louis Cathedral, which was dedicated in the
fall of 1834, is the oldest, and is situated on the corner of
Walnut and Second streets.

The College of Jesuits have an University, called the "St.
Louis," within the city, to which is attached a fine chapel re-
cently built, called "Saint Francis Xavier ." There is also a
medical school attached to this University, making two contem-
porary schools within the city. Thyere is also a free school for
boys, under the supervision of this college.

The Sisters of Charity superintend a charity hospital, situ-
ated on the corner of Fourth and Spruce streets, the only
hospital within the city; the City pays towards the support of
this Hospital about ten thousand dollars annually, and about
two thousand dollars is paid by the United States, with a pri-
vilege of sending a number of patients.

The order of the "Sacred Heart" have a convent in this south part of the city, to which is attached a female seminary.