Green's St. Louis directory :

which was in the ratio of 1 in every 126 inhabitants. But the
cause of this I sincerely believe to be the want of proper medical
attendance. I neither desire nor intend to insinuate aught
against my fellow practitioners; on the contrary, our city has
reason to be proud of her physicians. I is not to them, nor to
their mal-practice, that this great mortality must be attributed.
Mothers! it is because you neglect to seek their aid: it is
because you do not employ, or employ them too late, that so
many of your offspring are torn from your embraces. Every
boat brings us a multitude of poor families unable to fee a phy-
sician. True, no man deserving that title, and the respect
due to it, whould refuse his advice and attendance, because
a suffering being could not show the price of the consultation.

Often money cannot pay the physician. His reward — the
greatest, the noblest, is in his heart — in his conscience. A
philanthropic institution has been established in this city — an
institution consecrated to the poor — the dispensary: but either
they know it not, or neglect to avail themselves of its aid. Old
nurses and charlatans are resorted to; substances injurious,
perhaps poisonous, for the infant invalid, are administered in
repeated doses, and the poor baby dies, less the victim of disease,
than of unwise remedies employed for its relief.