Green's St. Louis directory :
Principal Hotels in St. Louis.
City Hotel —Barnum, & Moreland, —corner of Third and Vine.
Fifth-Ward House —WilliamBranagan, —corner of Seventh and Franklin-
Glasgow House —E. H.Robbins, —corner of Second and Olive.
Green Tree Hotel —W. H.Ayres, —Second, below Myrtle.
Henri House —WilliamKraut, —Main, between Chestnut and Market.
Indian Queen —Colton, & Moulton, —Locust, between Main and Second.
Jefferson House —WilliamCurtis, —Main, betweeen Pine and Chestnut.
Mansion House —C.Walton, —corner of Fourth and Locust.
Missouri Hotel —JesseSeymour, —corner of Main and Morgan.
National Hotel —A.Vancourt, & B. J.Vancourt, —corner of Third and Market.
Planters’ House —BenjaminStickney, —Fourth, from Chestnut to Pine.
Paul House —Corner of Second and Walnnt.
Vine-street Hotel —T. V.Cannon, —Vine, between Main and Second.
Virginia Hotel —Sparr, & Green, —corner of Main and Green.
York House —Abraham M.Swart, —corner of Second and Green.