Green's St. Louis directory :
Associate Reformed.
Corner of Fifth and Locust—
Rev. H.Johnston, .
1. First Church —North-west corner Third and Chesnut.
2. Second " —West side of Fifth, north of Franklin-avenue.
1. Cathedral Of St. Louis —Walnut, between Second and Third—Rev.
AugustusParis, , Rector ; JosephLutz, ; B. Roux, ; JosephRenard, .
2. St. Francis Xavier —Corner of Ninth and Green—Rev. George A.
Carroll, , S. J.; JohnGleizal, , S. J.; Herman G.Allen, , S. J.
3. St. Vincent Of Paul —Decatur-street, near Park-avenue—Very Rev.
JohnTimon, , C.M; F. S.Dahmen, , C.M.; M.Ceretta, , C.M.; N.Collins, ,
4. St. Mary’s —Corner of Third and Mulberry—attended by Rev. J. P.
Fisher, .
5. St. Joseph’s —Corner of Eleventh and Biddle—attended by Rev. James
Cotting, , S.J.
6. St. Patrick’s —Corner of Sixth and Biddle.
7. Chapel Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus —Opposite the South Market—
attended by the Rev. J.Raho, , C.M.
1. Christ Church —Corner of Fifth and Chesnut—Rev. Cicero S.Hawkes, ,
Rector and Bishop of the diocess.
2. St. Paul’s —Corner of Fifth and Wash—Rev. P. R.Minard, , Rector.
3. St. John’s —Almond, between Fourth and Fifth—Rev. W.Geiswold, ,
German Lutheran.
Lombard, between Third and Fourth—C. F.Wallter, .
German Protestant Evangelical.
Corner Seventh and Clark-avenue—Rev. FrederickPicker, .