Green's St. Louis directory :
Methodist Episcopal.
1. First Church —Fourth-street, between Washington-avenue and Green
—Rev. WesleyBrowning, and — Marvin, .
2. Centenary —Corner of Fifth and Pine—Rev. JosephBoyle, .
3. Edmund Street —(Not yet supplied.)
4. Mound Church —North St. Louis—Rev. — Pollock, .
5. German —Wash, between Tenth and Eleventh—GeorgeDoneker, .
6. African —Green, between Seventh and Eight.
Methodist Protestant.
Corner Sixth and Franklin-avenue—(Without regular supply.)
1. First Church —Corner of Fourth and St. Charles—Rev. A.Bullard, .
2. Second ’’ —Corner of Fifth and Walnut—Rev. William S.Potts, .
3. Third ’’ —Sixth, between Franklin-avenue and Wash—Rev. H. M.Field, .
4. Fourth Church —Corner of Sixth and St. Charles—Rev. JosephTem-,
5. Free Church —Washington-avenue, between Eight and Ninth—Rev.
Mr. Townsend, .
Corner of Fourth and Pine—W. G.Elliot, .