Green's St. Louis directory :
Note.—Of the streets numerically named, those from First to Eleventh inclu-
sive are named by ordinance, "North First," "Second," &c., on the north of
Market; and "South First," "Second," &c., on the south of Market: and the
streets from Twelfth to the western limits of the city are named "North" and
"South," above and below Washington-avenue. In the following, those distinc-
tions are not made.
Almond-st.street , from Front wwest to Fifth, between Spruce and Puplar
Anna-st.street , from Front wwest to Carondelet-av.avenue , btbetween Sidney and Louisa
Arsenal-st.street , from Carondelet-av.avenue wwest to Second Carondelet-av.avenue ,
between Bent and Boundary
Ashley-st.street , from Front wwest to First, btbetween Biddle and O’Fallon
Austin-st.street , from Twelfth wwest to Fifteenth, between Randolph and
Barry-st.street , from Kosciusko wwest to Decatur, between Miller, Park-
av.avenue , and Marion
Barton-st.street , from Front wwest to Carondelet-av.avenue , between Duchou-
quette and Victor
Bates-st.street , from Front wwest to Broadway, between Smith, Columbia
and O’Fallon
Bent-st.street , from Columbus wwest to western limits, between Lynch
and Arsenal
Benton-st.street , from North First wwest to western limits, btbetween Warren
and North Market
Biddle-st.street , from First wwest to western limits, between O’Fallen and
Boone-st.street , from Chouteau-av.avenue ssouth to Hickory, between Proven-
chere and Stoddard-av.avenue
Broadway, from Green nnorth to northern limits, between Collins
and Second on the east, and Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth
and Ninth on the west
Buel-st.street , from Park-av.avenue ssouth to southern limits, between Decatur
and Menard
Calhoun-st.street , from Fulton westwardly to Linn, between Emmett,lb/> on the north, and Lesperance and Gravois on the south
Carr-st.street , from First to western limits, btbetween Biddle and Wash
Carroll-st.street , from Kosciusko wwest to Linn, btbetween Marion and Soulard