Green's St. Louis directory :
Carondelet-av.avenue , from Second swsouth west to Park-av.avenue , and from Park-
av.avenue southwardly to southern limits, between Jackson on the
east, and Seventh and Fulton on the west
Cedar-st.street , from Second wwest to Fourth, btbetween Plum and Mulberry
Centre-st.street , from Market ssouth to Clark-av.avenue , between Thirteenth and
Cerre-st.street , from Fifth wwest to Twelfth, between Poplar and Gratiot
Chambers-st.street , from First wwest to Fifteenth, between Madison and
Cherry-st.street , from First wwest to Broadway, btbetween Wash and Morgan
Chesnut-st.street , from First wwest to Eleventh, btbetween Market and Pine
Chouteau-st.street , from Fifth wwest to city limits, between Gratiot and
Poplar on the north, and Hickory on the south
Clark-av.avenue , from Seventh wwest to western limits, between Walnut
and Market on the north, and Spruce on the south
Clay-st.street , from Warren nnorth to Spring, between First and Second
Closey-st.street , from Park-av.avenue ssouth to Gravois, btbetween Hamtramck and Linn
Collins-st.street , from Cherry nnorth to Florida, btbetween Second and Broadway
Columbia-st.street , from First wwest to Broadway, btbetween Florida and Bates
Columbus-st.street , from Park-av.avenue ssouth to southern limits, between De
kalb and Jackson
Commercial-st.street , from Vine nnorth to Washington-av.avenue , between Front
and First
Congress-st.street , from Picotte ssouth to Lami, between Jackson and Ca-
Convent-st.street , from Second wwest to Fifth, btbetween Hazel and Rutger
Davis-st.street , from Broadway wwest to western limits, between Florida
and O’Fallon
Decatur-st.street , from Park-avenue southwardly to Arsenal, between
Fulton and Buel
Dekalb-st.street , from Soulard southwardly to southern limits, btbetween
Kosciusko and Columbus
DeWard-st.street , from Lafayette-avenue ssouth to Gravois, between Linn
and western limits
Dillon-st, from Chouteau-avenue ssouth to Park-avenue, between
Saint Ange-avenue and Grattan
Dock-st.street , from Front wwest to western limits, between Harrison and
northern limits
Duchouquette-st.street , from Front wwest to Carondelet-avenue, between
Truden and Boston
Easton-st.street , from Barton southwardly to southern limits, be-
tween Jackson and Carondelet-avenue
East Brooklyn-st.street , from Front wwest to Broadway, between East
Mound and Labeaume
East Mount-st.street , from Front wwest to Broadway, btbetween East Brooklyn
and Howard
Eighth-st.street , from Chouteau nnorth to West Brooklyn, between Sev-
enth and Ninth