Green's St. Louis directory :
Eighteenth-st.street , from Washington-avenue northwardly, west of
Elm-st.street , from Front wwest to Seventh, between Walnut and Myrtle
Eleventh-st.street , from Chouteau-avenue northwardly to nwnorthwest limits
of city
Emmett-st.street , from Kosciusko wwest to Linn, between Lafayette on
the north, and Lesperance and Calhoun on the south
Fifth-st.street , from Rutger nnorth to Biddle, between Fourth and Sixth
Fifteenth-st.street , from Chouteau-avenue nnorth to western limits, be-
tween Fourteenth and Sixteenth
First-st.street , from Plum nnorth to northern limits, btbetween Front and Second
Florida-st.street , from Front wwest to Seventh, between Mullanphy and
Fourth-st.street , from Convent nnorth to Franklin-avenue, between Third
and Fifth
Fourteenth-st.street , from Chouteau-avenue nnorth to nwnorthwest limits, between
Thirteenth and Fifteenth
Franklin-av.avenue , from Broadway wwest to western limits, between
Morgan and Wash
Front-st.street , from northern to southern boundary, along the Mis-
sissippi river
Fulton-st.street , from Park-avenue southwardly to Bent, next west
of Seventh
Gay-st.street , from Twelfth wwest to Fifteenth, between Franklin-avenue
and Morgan
Gravois-st.street , from Rosatti wwest to western limits, and north of Les-
Gratiot-st.street , from Fourth westward to Tayon-avenue, between
Cerre and Chouteau-avenue
Grattan-st.street , from Chouteau-avenue ssouth to Park-avenue, between
Dillon and western limits
Green-st.street , from Front wwest to Eleventh, between Washington-ave-
nue and Morgan
Hamtramck-av.avenue , from Park-avenue ssouth to Lesperance, between
Rosati and Closey
Harrison-st.street , from Front wwest to city limits, btbetween Dock and Palm
Hazel-st.street , from First wwest to Fifth, between Lombard and Convent
Hempstead-st.street , from Broadway wwest to Ninth, between Labeaume
and West Brooklyn
Hickory-st.street , from Fifth wwest to city limits, between chouteau-ave-
nue and Rutger
Howard-st.street , from Front wwest to city limits, between Mullanphy
and Mound
Jackson-st.street , from south line of Park-avenue ssouth to Saugrain, be-
tween Columbus and Carondelet
Jefferson-st.street , from Front wwest to western limits, between Madi-
son and Monroe