Green's St. Louis directory :
Bascom, Silas, nsnorth side Gay wwest of Twelfth
Bascher, Joseph, laborer , wswest side Second nnorth of Hazel
Bassett, Samuel, watchmaker , 77 Chesnut
Basett, L S, (Edgar & co.) sesouth east corner Fourth and Morgan
Bassett, Peleg P, clerk , swsouth west corner Sixth and Saint Charles
Bassett, P, steamboat captain , swsouth west corner Sixth and Saint Charles
Bastion, Margaret, widow, eseast side Third nnorth of Spruce
Bate, Joseph J, butcher , nwnorthwest corner Tenth and Saint Charles
Bates, Edward, (Gamble & B.) attorney at law , 21 Chesnut
Bates, J Bartin, law student , 21 Chesnut
Bates, James, carpenter , wswest side Thirteenth ssouth of Franklin-avenue
Bateson, James, Olive-branch coffee-house , Third, between
Green and washington-avenue.
Bateman, Thomas, gunsmith , eseast side Twelfth nnorth of carr
Buttlemeyer, Louis, laborer , eseast side Centre ssouth of Market
Batterburg, Thomas, provision store , 44 nnorth Front
Bauer, John, barber , eseast side Second ssouth of Wood
Baum, Jacob, merchant tailor , 33 Locust
Baum, George, confectioner , 39 nnorth Second
Bauman, Louis, importer and dearler in watches and jewelry ,
69 nnorth Fourth
Baumer, George B, laborer , nsnorth side Saint Charles wwest of Fifth
Bauvere, Jacob, coffee-house , eseast side First ssouth of walnut
Baxter, John, machinist , eseast side Third nnorth of Pine
Baxter, Preston, pilot , wswest side Seventh ssouth of Carr
Bay H, & co , whwholesale and retail hardware merchants , 179 nnorth Third
Bay, H, (B.& co.) 179 nnorth Third
HarmenBay, . C. T.Johnson, .
H. Bay & ,
Wholesale and Retail Dearlers in
Hardware and Cutlery ,
179 North Third, (Lindell’s Row,)
Opposite New Market,
St. Louis, Mo.
Beachboard, J M, City-hall tavern , new corcorner Green and Broadway
Beach & Eddy , wholesale dry goods merchants , 151 nnorth First
Beadleston, Stephen, upholsterer , swsouth west corner Second and Olive
Beakey, John, (Andrews & B.) nenorth east corner Second and Elm
Beakey, David, coppersmith , boards at John Beakey’s
Beakey & co , grate, sheet-iron and tinware manfrs , 171 nnorth First
Beakey, James, (B. & co.) 171 nnorth First
Beakey, Joseph, (B. & co.) 171 nnorth First
Bear, Joseph, cabinet-maker , wswest side Fifth ssouth of Almond