Green's St. Louis directory :
Meier, Gaspar, pattern-maker , sssouth side Morgan wwest of Fourth
Meier, Thomas J, hardware merchant , nenorth east corcorner Third and Green
Meiers, Frederick, blacksmith , nsnorth side Franklin-av.avenue eeast of Seventh
Meinhardt, Henry, shoemaker , nsnorth side Morgan eeast of Eleventh
Melling, Edward, painter , wswest side Sixteenth ssouth of Market
Mellins, John, shop-keeper , wswest side Broadway ssouth of Carr
Melling, E, painter , nsnorth side Cedar near Third
Memler, Librand, laborer , wswest side Fifth ssouth of Spruce
Mengel, Henry, trader , wswest side First nnorth of Plum
Menk, Adam, bricklayer , sssouth side Wood eeast of Second
Menkens & Recordon , watchmaker and jeweller , 22 Market
Menkens, A H, (M. & R. ) — dwelling , 52 Elm
Menne, Henry, tailor , 163 Green
Mensing, J F, hairdresser , eseast side Fourth nnorth of Pine
Mentrup, Martin, merchant , eseast side Fifth nnorth of Convent
Mercer, John, riverman , sssouth side Market wwest of Eighth
Meredith, William, architect and builder , 86 nnorth Fourth
William, Meredith,
Architect and Builder ,
No. 86 North Fourth-street,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Is prepared to execute every description of work in his line in the best man-
ner, and on the most favorable terms.
[missing figure]
Repairing Promptly Attended To.
Merrick, John, merchant , 9 nnorth Front
Merrick, M, M.D., 111 nnorth Front
Merrill, Daniel, bricklayer , eseast side Broadway nnorth of Howard
Merrill, Lazwson, brickmaker , nsnorth side Hickory wwest of Edmond
Merrill, Bradbury, brickmaker , sssouth side Hickory wwest of Ham
Merritt, William H, cabinet-maker , eseast side Second nnorth of Vine
Merry, Samuel, M.D., Land-office , nsnorth side Almond eeast of First
Mershman, Bernard, blacksmith , wswest side Broadway ssouth of Carr
Mervin, Mary Ann, widow, eseast side Tenth nnorth of Green, upstairs
Merz, Philip, blacksmith , eseast side Eighth ssouth of Franklin-avenue
Mester, Charles, wagoner , wswest side Eighth ssouth of Wash
Metten, Henry, carter , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Franklin-avenue
Meyer, H, drayman , eseast side Fifth ssouth of Cerre
Meyer, H M. shoemaker , 39 Washington-avenue
Meyer, Bernard, (H. & M. ) se cor Eighth and Franklin-av.avenue
Meyer, Frederick, baker , nsnorth side Morgan wwest of Ninth