Green's St. Louis directory :
Metten, Lorens, watchmaker , 90 Morgan
Lorens, Metten,
Clock And Watch Maker ,
no. 90 Morgan Street,
St. Louis, Mo.
[missing figure]
Clocks and Watches, Musical Boxes, and Jewelry of every description,
carefully executed by himself, and warranted.
Meyer, Caspar, (Plitt & M. ) sssouth side Gay wwest of Fourteenth
Meyer, H H, wheelwright , eseast side Ninth ssouth of Wash
Meyer, Christopher, pedlar , eseast side Ninth nnorth of Wash
Meyer, J C, wood merchant , wswest side First ssouth of Mound
Meyer, Henry, miller , nsnorth side Myrtle eeast of Second
Meyer, Christian, plasterer , nsnorth side Poplar wwest of First
Meyer, Louis A, pedlar , nsnorth side Convent wwest of Third
Meyer, Elizabeth, widow , wswest side Third ssouth of Convent
Meyers, Mary Ann, widow, 157 Washington-avenue
Meyers, Frederick, carter , eseast side Fourteenth nnorth of Wash
Michaels, Adrian, liquor merchant , 14 ssouth First
Michael, G B, 45 Market
Michaels, John, cabinet-maker , shop sssouth side Spruce wwest of First
Michaels, Edouard, laborer , sssouth side Poplar eeast of Third
Middleton, Andrew, painter , wwest Sixteenth ssouth of Market
Miers, Charles, butcher , sssouth side Market wwest of Ninth
Miith, August, shoemaker , wswest side Fourth ssouth of Cerre
Mikesell, John, engineer , 245 nnorth First
Miles, William, laborer , wswest side Ninth ssouth of Market
Millan, W L, clerk , 130 nnorth First
Miller, John Z, carpenter , wswest side Centre ssouth of Market
Miller, John H, painter , 20 Pine — dwelling, nenorth east corner Centre
and Clark-avenue
Miller, John, laborer , 58 Chesnut
Miller, Henry, ropemaker , boards at James Humphrey’s
Miller, H V & Miller, E C, painters , 24 Pine
Miller, Paul, 49 nnorth First
Miller, George, tinner , 43 nnorth First
Miller, C H, 29 Locust
Miller, David, shoemaker , 58 Green
Miller, Samuel, carpenter , 143 Green
Miller, Hugh, coroner , rear of 131 Green
Miller, W, steamboat captain , wswest side Broadway nnorth of Franklin-av.avenue
Miller, William, shoemaker , wswest side Eighth ssouth of Wash