Green's St. Louis directory :
O’neil, James, shoemaker , nenorth east corner Eighth and Green
O’neil, Joseph, bricklayer , boards at Benjamin King’s
O’Neil, John, bricklayer , boards at Benjamin King’s
O’Neil, Preston, mason , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Franklin-avenue
O’Rourke John & Michael , grocers , 88 Front
O’Rourke, John, (J & M O’ R. ), sssouth side Spruce wwest of First
O’Rourke, Michael, (J & M O’ R. ), 8 ssouth Front
O’Shansey, Peter, laborer , wswest side Second ssouth of Lombard
Packaberry, Thomas, carman , wswest side Eighth ssouth of Biddle
Packard, G H, sssouth side Morgan wwest of Sixth
Padfield, Jacob, [c.colored person ] porter , sssouth side Carr wwest of Eighth
Pagaud, James H, accountant , nwnorthwest corner Sixth and Olive
Pagaud, J M, printer , nwnorthwest corner Sixth and Olive
Page, T, merchant , 10 ssouth First — dw,dwelling sssouth side Walnut wwest of Sixth
Page, D D, 45 ssouth First
Page, F W, 43 ssouth First
Paget, John, blacksmith , eseast side Third nnorth of Locust
Paget, Bailey, wswest side Eleventh nnorth of Morgan
Pahlan, Barnhard, laborer , eseast side Ninth nnorth of Franklin-avenue
Pahner, John, sawyer , wswest side Franklin-avenue eeast of Ninth
Pallen, M, m. d., 121 Locust
Pallies, Joseph, cooper wswest side Fifth ssouth of Cerre
Palm, William, clerk in surveyor-general’s-office , sssouth side Popular
wwest of Second
Palmer, William, pattern-maker , eseast side Twelfth nnorth of Morgan
Palmer, Charles L, bookkeeper , wswest side Sixth nnorth of Biddle
Palmer, Israel, ship-carpenter , wswest side Sixth nnorth of Carr
Palmer, John J, variety store , 66 Market
Palmer, Joseph, laborer , sssouth side Washington-avenue wwest of Tenth
Papin, P D, swsouth west corner Second and Pine
Papin, J L, (Sullivan & co. ) eseast side Third ssouth of Popular
Papin, Alexander, nwnorthwest corner First and Locust
Papin, Leo Timothee, clerk at Turnbull & Pray’s
Parcel, Ninian, trader , wswest side Second ssouth of Hazel
Park Mill , (H LHoffman, ) swsouth west corner Thirteenth and Market
Park, Andrew, (Morgan, P. & C. ) 113 nnorth First
Park, A G, widow , wswest side Collins nnorth of Cherry
Park, Alexis, mason eseast side Carondelet-road ssouth of Convent
Paker, Henry, brickmaker , nsnorth side Walnut wwest of Ninth
Parker, John M, city registerm 94 Washington-avenue
Parker, D H, clerk , wswest side Eleventh ssouth of Morgan
Parker, Nathaniel W, pilot , nsnorth side Morgan wwest of Ninth
Parker, Matthias M, carpenter , sssouth side Gay wwest of Fourteenth