Green's St. Louis directory :
Prusneer, William, bricklayer , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Biddle
Pryor, Anthony, teamster , eseast side Fifth nnorth of Rutger
Pugh, Richard, sawyer , nsnorth side Franklin-avenue eeast of Ninth
Pugh, Lawrence, laborer , sssouth side Wash wwest of Sixth
Pullis, C & T RPullis, , iron-railing and bank-door manufacturers , wswest side
Sixth ssouth of Green
Pullis, Christian, (C & T R P.) eseast side Seventh ssouth of Washington-av.avenue
Pullis, T R, boards at C Pullis’
Pund, Thomas, laborer , eseast side Ninth ssouth of Wash
Purdrum, F A, clerk , sssouth side Myrtle eeast of Third
Purdy, J J, judge of County Court —dw, es Fourth ssouth of Myrtle
Purfurst, Frederick, shoemaker , nwnorthwest corner Fifth and Labadie
Purs, Henry, blacksmith , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Franklin-avenue
Pursell, Adam, carter , nsnorth side Myrtle eeast of First
Purvis, John, mason , rear of 35 ssouth Fifth
Purvis, Elihu, stone-cutter , sssouth side Randolph wwest of Twelfth
Purvis, G W, architect and builder , corner of Ninth and Saint
Charles—dwelling, corner of Eighth and Locust
Pusler, Stephen, tailor , swsouth west corner Thirteenth and Wash
Putney, E A, teacher , nsnorth side Morgan eeast of Eleventh
Putt, Moses, laborer , sssouth side Seventh eeast of Morgan
Pye, Isaiah, hatter—dwelling, rear of 106 nnorth First
Quadras Y & co. , tobacconists and commission merchants , 44 n
First and 24 nnorth Front
Quarles, James, laborer , Moore-stret ssouth of Market
Quarmby, John, nsnorth side Olive wwest of Third
Quast, John M, shoemaker , nsnorth side Olive wwest of Second
Quenner, Frederick, carter , wswest side Carondelet-av.avenue ssouth of Marion
Querl, Charles, carpenter , eseast side Thirteenth ssouth of Carr
Quick, Jackson, nsnorth side Brooklyn wwest of Broadway
Quigly, John, pressman Republican office , 47 nnorth First
Quinn, Edward, bookbinder , wswest side Sixth nnorth Pine
Quinn, Patrick, cooper , sssouth side Morgan wwest of Twelfth
Quinn, Francis, riverman , wswest side Sixth nnorth of Biddle
Quinette, Francis A, carpenter , 126 Washington-avenue
Quinland, Daniel, laborer , 142 Green
Quirk, John, laborer , sssouth side Chensut wwest of Ninth
Quirk, M D, (Snow & co.) 194 nnorth First
Raborg & Shoffner , hide and leather dealers , 13 nnorth Front
Raborg, Franklin, (R. & Shoffner,) wswest side Third ssouth of Poplar
Race, Henry, wswest side Second nnorth of Plum
Racine, Toussaint, coffee-house , nenorth east corner Second and Poplar
Racine, Poirier, dry-goods merchant , 24 ssouth First
Ragan, John, Central-tavern , sssouth side Chesnut wwest of Third
Ragan, James, Central-tavern , sssouth side Chesnut wwest of Third