Green's St. Louis directory :
Renfro, William, shoemaker , nsnorth side Wash wwest of Eighth, upstairs
Rengl, John, carpenter , sssouth side Marion eeast of Jackson
Renshaw, William, secretary Citizens’ Insurance company —
dwelling, wswest side Third ssouth of Plum
Renth, John, tailor , 28 Pine
Renth, William, tailor , 28 Pine
Reporter (Missouri), ShadrachPenn, , 35 Locust
Republican (Missouri,)Chambers & Knapp , 47 nnorth First
Resco, Henry, laborer , sssouth side of Lombard eeast of Second
Resec, Jacob, wagon-maker , eseast side Second nnorth of Lombard
Retarenkar, Frederick, laborer , sesouth east corner Eleventh and Biddle
Retinger, John George, gardener , swsouth west corner Third and Cedar
Retz, Conrad, blacksmith , eseast side Second nnorth of Lombard
Reveille (Saint Louis), Keemle & Field , 22 Olive
Revel, Michael, grocer , 90 nnorth Front
Reyburn, T G, commission merchant and insurance agent ,
8 Olive—dwelling, 188 Olive
ReyburnThomas, M.D., office 57 Locust
Reyburn, A M, clerk at John T Martin’s
Reymond, A, rear of 51 Locust
Reynolds, J C, iron and commission merchant , 18 nnorth Front
Reynolds, Samuel, painter , wswest side Tenth nnorth of Carr
Reynolds, R R, City workhouse , wswest side Fifth ssouth of Cerre
Reynolds, Thomas, livery-stable , wswest side Second ssouth of Plum, upsupstairs .
Rheinlander, Marinus, grocer , wswest side Second ssouth of Spruce
Rhenish-tavern , FidelleKreig, , eseast side Second nnorth of Green
Rhode, Benjamin, carpenter , sssouth side Market wwest of Tenth
Rhodes, Chas R, Taylor & R. attorneys at law , 66 nnorth First
Rhodes, Christopher, commission merchatn , 26 Front
Rain, Edward, blacksmith , nwnorthwest corner Sixth and Spruce
Rice, John, baker , nsnorth side Chesnut wwest of Fifth
Rice, John, 113 nnorth Fourth—coffee-houses, 52 and 64 nnorth Front
Rice, Barton, lumbar-merchant , eseast side Carondelet-avenue
Richards, Wyatt, bricklayer , wswest side Thirteenth ssouth of Market
Richard, Ebenezer, (Davis, T &. R.) sssouth side Elm wwest of Sixth
Richards, Frederick, 76 nnorth Fourth
Richards, Samuel C, blacksmith , 115 Olive
Richards, G M, boarding-house , 40 Green
Richards, Benjamin, painter , wswest side Fifth ssouth of Cerre
Richmond, R H, superintendent Hinton & co.’s stage line, of-
fice basement Planters’-house
Richter, E G, shoemaker , eseast side First nnorth of Myrtle—dwdwelling , corner
Third and Myrtle
Richer, J H, (Pottle & co.) 12 ssouth First
Ricketson, A, sec. St. Louis Insurance co. , 73 nnorth First, upsupstairs .
Ridder, Conrad, teacher , eseast side Second ssouth of Hazel
Riddle, Col A, lumber merchant dw, ns Walnut wwest of Sixth