Green's St. Louis directory :
Rubecamf, Adam, laborer , eseast side Ninth ssouth of Wash
Ruben, John H, blacksmith , eseast side Tenth nnorth of Carr
Rucker, Alfred M, 47 nnorth First
Rucker, Legrand, livery-stable , eseast side Second ssouth of Green—dwel-
ling, nsnorth side Green wwest of Tenth
Rudolph, Berdram & co. , bakers , sesouth east corner Eighth and Green
Rudolph, Ferdinand, (R., B. & co.) sesouth east corner Eighth and Carr
Rudolph, John, beer-house , 5 Washington-avenue
Rudolph, Wiley, bricklayer , nwnorthwest corner Eliza and Collins
Rueff, Jacob, shoemaker , 10 Locust
Rugg & Wiliams , commission and wholesale dry-goods mer-
chants , 211 nnorth First
Rugg, E K, (R. & W.) 211 nnorth First
Ruggles, Abijah, butcher , swsouth west corner Sixteenth and Clark
Ruhl, Dewis, blacksmith , eseast side Eleventh nnorth of Gay
Ruland, John, clerk Circuit Court—dwelling , sssouth side Franklin-
avenue wwest of city limits
Ruland, S, dep. clerk Circuit Court , boards at Glasgow-house
Rule, William K, eseast side Fifth ssouth of Convent
Ruloch, Matthew, laborer , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Wash
Rulon, Joseph, fisherman , 131 Green
Rumford, Charles C, brick-maker , eseast side Eleventh ssouth of Carr
Runlet, William, nsnorth side Cerre wswest side of Fifth
Rupert, John, chandler , eseast side Jackson nnorth of Barry
Russell & Penniman , shoe-merchants , 28 Market
Russell, Harris, (R. & P.) boards at Vine-street-hotel
Russell, Reuben, shoe dealer , 28 Market—dwelling, wswest side Third
ssouth of Carondelet, on alley
Russell, Timothy, drayman , sssouth side Green wwest of Eighth
Russell, Isaiah, pilot , nenorth east corner Fourteen and Franklin-avenue
Russell, Stofel, eseast side Fifth ssouth of Cerre
Russell, William, wswest side Carondelet nnorth of Arsenal
Russell & Bennett , wh. grocers and com.commission merchts , 28 nnorth Front
Russell, Samuel, (R. & B.) eseast side Fifth ssouth of Elm
Rust, John C, (Meier & co.) wswest side Fifth nnorth of Chestnut
Ruter, John, carpenter , wswest side Jackson nnorth of Barry
Rutger, Joanna M, widow, eseast side Second ssouth of Poplar
Ruth, W H, (McKee R. & F.) 166 nnorth Fourth
Rutherfurd, Thos S, merchant , 26 nnorth First—dwdwelling , 144 Market
Rutherfurd, A S, fancy dry-goods merchant , 10 nnorth First
Rutherfurd, William, 26 nnorth First
Rutkowski, Lewis, clerk , 35 Locust, upstairs
Rutledge, W, stone-cutter , eseast side Seventh nnorth of Wash, on alley
Ryan, Augustus, locksmith , corner Third sand Olive
Ryan, Michael, Shoemaker , eseast side Fifth ssouth of Green
Ryan, Patrick, ice merchant , 129 Green
Ryan, Mary, widow, sesouth east corner Ninth and Franklin-avenue