Green's St. Louis directory :
Ryan, James, boarding-house , nsnorth side Green eeast of Third
Ryan, Thomas, laborer , wswest side Ninth nnorth of Carr
Ryan, Patrick, sssouth side Morgan wwest of Fifth
Ryan, Richard, drayman , nsnorth side Spruce eeast of Third
Ryan, John, laborer nwnorthwest corner First and Spruce
Ryan, Thomas, bookkeeper , eseast side Third ssouth of Spruce
Rychlicki, John K, clerk in surveyor-general’s office
Sack, Augustus, laborer , Front nnorth of Almond
Saelder, C, tobacconist , corner Second and Walnut
Saetter, John, cabinet-maker , eseast side Ninth ssouth of Carr
Safford, M T, (Aldrich & S.) boards at A Gregg’s
Sage, James, wagon-maker , eseast side Eighth ssouth of Market
Sage, Conwell, carpenter , sesouth east corner Sixth and Biddle
Sagner, Benedict, shoemaker , nsnorth side Locust wwest of Third
Saler, Francsi, lumberman , eseast side Third ssouth of Convent
Salisbury P & co. , wholesale boot anjd shoe store , 149 nnorth First
—retail, 6 nnorth First
P.Salisbury, , St. Louis.
WmWilliamCapen, , Boston.
P. Salisbury & ,
Dealers In Boots And Shoes,
No. 149 Main Street ,
(Up Stairs), Fourth Door North Of The Bank Of Missouri;
And Retail., At
No. 6 North First Street,
St. Louis, Mo.
[missing figure]
Cash Paid For Dry Hides And Wool.
Salisbury, Philander, (S. & co.) sssouth side Elm wwest of Third
Salisbury, Lewis, clerk , 6 nnorth Front
Salisbury, S S, boards at B P Smith’s, wswest side Fifth ssouth of Walnut
Salisbury, William, eseast side Fourth nnorth of Mulbery
Sall, J S, brewer , corner Duchouquette and Carondelet
Salloway, John, laborer , eseast side Fifth ssouth of Convent
Salvador, Anglo, fruit-store , sssouth side Market wwest of Eleventh
Sampson, John, riverman , eseast side Centre ssouth of Market
Samstag, John, cabinet-maker , sssouth side Saint Charles wwest of Fifth
Samuel, Mark, 35 Pine
Samuels, Gensler, clerk , 15 nnorth Front
Samuels, S, watchmaker , nsnorth side Green wwest of Third
Samuels, M, grocer , 37 nnorth Front