Green's St. Louis directory :

D. H.Southwick, ,
New House-Furnishing Store ,
No. 35 Market Street,

Where will be found constantly for sale a large and well-selected stock of
China, Glass, Queensware, &c.,
Consisting, in pat, of French and English China Dinner Sets, fancy bordered
and richly gilded; rich Chian Tea Sets, gold band and flowered; plain and
figured white French and English China Dinner, Tea and Coffee Sets; a
new article of rich blue Pekin and Ivanhoe China Ware, comprising Dinner,
Tea, Coffee and Toilet Sets:

Patent Iron-Stone China — Dinner, Tea, Coffee and Toilet
Ware, warranted the strongest ware in use:

Rich Out-Glass Ware — In sets, or smaller quantities; also,
low-priced cut, plain and pressed Glass-ware of every description: Also,

Queensware — Blue Waverly, printed, painted, white granite,
blue-edged, cream-color, and fancy, a full assortment constantly onhand.

Britannia — Tea and Coffee sets, fluted and plain; Tea and Coffee
Pots, covered and uncovered Pithcers, Sugars and Creams, Slop Bowls, Cas-
trs, Lamps and Candlesticks, Tumblers, Punch Cans, Spittoons, &c.;

Japanned Ware — Consisting of Gothic and convex Tea Trays
and Fruit Baskets, Tea and Coffee Canisters, Nurse Lamps, Sugar Boxes and
Trunks (in nests), Hotel and Light-house Lamps (a new article), Spittoons
Molasses Pitchers, Match Safes, Table Mats, in sets and single, &c.;

Table Cutlery — Ivory handled, in sets of 51 and 53 pieces;
Table and Desert Knives and Forks, by the dozen; Carvers and Steels;
Bone and Horn-handled Knves and Forks, in sets and by the dozen; im-
proved patent Mortice Locks, with cut and plain glass knobs to match, a supe-
rior article.

Bronze And Or-Molu Lamps and Candela-
Bras. — Astral Lamps of all sizes withplain and rich cut shades; Man-
tel Lamps, with one and two burners, plain and mounted with cut-glass lus-
tres; Parlor and Steamboat Lamps, of two, three and four lights; Reading
ditto, of one and two lights; hanging and centre Candelabras; Girandoles for
mantel pieces, plain and mounted with glass lustres; Entry Lamps, of cut,
ground and plain glass, lvarious patterns; Pulpit, Solar and Bracket Lamps;
hanging Astral Lamps, from 8 to 12-inch heads; bronzed Hanging Lamps,
for burning camphine, gas, sperm or lard oil.

The above articles are from the best Eastern manufacturers, and are all
warranted perfect.

Astral and Mantel Lamp Shades, cut, plain and ground, for sale,
and manufactured to order: also,

A Complete Assortment of Lamp Wicks, of Every Description;

[missing figure]
Watch Glasses and Stands, Flower and Card Vases, Thermometers,
Ink Stands, Tea Bells, &c.

Orders of overy description of Glassware executed with dispatch.

[missing figure]
Wholesale Rooms Upstairs.