Green's St. Louis directory :
Taylor & Rhodes , attorneys at law , 66 nnorth First
John R.Taylor, . Charles R.Rhodes, .
Taylor & Rhodes ,
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law ;
Office, Upstairs, No. 66 on Main-street,
Saint Louis, Mo.
Taylor, John R, (T. & Rhodes) , 66 nnorth First
Taylor, Jeremaih, bricklayer , wswest side Ninth nnorth of Franklin-avenue
Taylor, Robert, carrier , eseast side Ninth ssouth of Biddle
Taylor, Henry, wswest side Eighth nnorth of Carr
Taylor, George, steamboat captain , swsouth west corner First and Ashley
Taylor, John F, sssouth side Mullanphy eeast of Broadway
Taylor, Charles L, nwnorthwest corner Fifth and Elm
Taylor, Thomas, pilot , swsouth west corner Fifth and Elm
Taylor, Thomas, 111 ssouth First
Taylor, John D, clerk wswest side Fourth ssouth of Cerre
Taylor, G, carpenter , wswest side Second ssouth of Plum, upstairs
Taylor, Levi, tailor , eseast side Second nnorth of Cedar, on alley
Taylor, Moses, justice , swsouth west corner Second and Cedar—dwell-
ing, eseast side Sixth ssouth of Elm, on alley
Taylor, H S, overseer workhouse , eseast side Carondelet ssouth of Barry
Taylor, William B, 57 nnorth Front
Taylor, Edward D, clerk , sssouth side Barry wwest of Seventh
Teel, J M, cabinet and chairmaker , nwnorth west corcorner Sixth and Morgan
Tefft, Nelson V, riverman , wswest side First ssouth of Plum
Telkan, Herman, laborer , eseast side Pantagruel-alley ssouth of Wash
Temple, J H, (Foster and T.) , corner Seventh and Walmut
Temple, Adam, laborer , wswest side Fifth ssouth of Hickory
Templeton, William, wswest side Second nnorth of Chambers
Templeton, Rev. Joseph, wswest side Second nnorth of Chambers
Tenty, Christopher, drayman , wswest side Eleventh ssouth of Wash
Terrill, Toliver, [c.colored person ] shoemaker , 56 Chestnut
Terhat, Henry, baker , eseast side Carondelet ssouth of Lafayette
Terrence, Daniel, furrier , eseast side Broadway nnorth of Lafayette
Terry, Gardner, founder , sesouth east corner Tenth and Biddle
Tesson M & Son , dry-goods merchants , 18 nnorth First
Tesson, Michael, (T. & Son,) wswest side Fifth nnorth of Locust
Tesson, Edward P, (T. & Son,) wswest side Fifth nnorth of Locust
Teutelong, Justus, shoemaker , sesouth east corner Front and Morgan
Teutenbery, Francis, baker , 93 Olive