Green's St. Louis directory :
Thorp, S, dealer in furs and skins , 16 ssouth First
Thorp, William, blacksmith , nenorth east corner Eleventh and Morgan
Thorp, J L, inspector of beef and pork—dwelling , wswest side Lom-
bard eeast of Second
Thorp, James, carpenter , wswest side Sixth nnorth of Biddle
Thorp, B, blacksmith , eseast side Eighth nnorth of Clark-avenue, on alley
Thorp, Thomas, carpenter , wswest side Sixth nnorth of Biddle
Thurman, William, bricklayer , eseast side Third ssouth of Convent
Tibbe, Frederick, tailor , 43 Washington-avenue
Tibbett, Francis, tailor , sssouth side Morgan eeast of First
Tice, Jacob, brickmaker , eseast side Ninth nnorth of Hempstead
Tice, John H, clerk , nsnorth side Hempstead eeast of Ninth
Tichnor, Charles, Broadway nnorth of Labeaume
Tidcomb, John, shoemaker , sssouth side Franklin-avenue wwest of Tenth
Tiernan, P, wagon-maker , sssouth side Washington-avenue wwest of Fourth
Tiernan, N, wagon-maker , swsouth west corner Seventh and Green
Tiffany, P Dexter, (Spalding & T.) , wswest side Fifth between Mor-
gan and Franklin-avenue
Tiffany & Moore , M.D.’s, 73 Vine
Tiffin, C, (T. & M.) , nsnorth side Morgan wwest of Fourth
Tighe, William, wswest side Sixth ssouth of Chouteau-avenue
Tilden, John, (Davis, T & R.) , 11 and 13 Market
Tilden, Richard S, (Brud, T. & B.) , 45 nnorth First
Tillett, J N, 23 Pine
Tillman & Christy , grocers and com.commission merchants , 15 nnorth First
Tillman, Charles, (T. & C.) , wswest side Second ssouth of Elm
Tilton, David, Boston-house , 30 nnorth Second and 31 Chesnut
Timberlake, William H, clerk in Post-office
Timmerman, Frederick, grocer , nenorth east corner Ninth and Market
Timmerman, John H, boards at F Timmerman’s
Timmerman, Francis, boards at F Timmerman’s
Timmerman, Garrett, cook , nsnorth side Market wwest of Eighth
Timmerman, J G, (T. & Bohl) , grocer , nwnorthwest corner Fifth and
Timmerman & Boh , grocers , nwnorthwest corner Fifth and Spruce
Timmerman, Henry, laborer , eseast side Third ssouth of Lombard
Timon, James, wswest side First ssouth of Spruce
Tirmenstein, Samuel, tinner , sesouth east corner Second and Wood
Tissier, Joseph, confectioner and pastry-cook, and importer of
wines and liquors , 79 nnorth Third
Tissius, H, shoemaker , 62 Locust
Tober, George, soapmaker , sssouth side Franklin-avenue eeast of Eleventh
Todd, Albert, attorney at law , 49 Pine
Todd, Joseph, baker , at S & J Turner’s
Todd G & C , burr-mill-stone manufacturers , 217 nnorth First
Todd, Charles, (G & C T.) , 217 nnorth First
Todd, G, (G & C T.) , 217 nnorth First