Green's St. Louis directory :
Windmuller, Frederick, cabinet-maker , wswest side Seventh ssouth of Carr
Wineland, Andrew, steamboat captain , eseast side Fifth ssouth of Carr
Wing S & co. , tin and sheet-iron ware manf’rs , 23 nnorth Second
Wing, Sylvanus, (S W. & co. ) eseast side First nnorth of Spruce
Winger, Peter, wswest side Carondelet-avenue wwest of Marion
Winniford, John J, carpenter , eseast side Ninth ssouth of Green
Winright John, Justice of the Peace and General con-
veyancer—office and residence 79 Morgan, between Second
and Third
Winters, Owen, mason , sesouth east corner Ninth and Walnut, upstairs
Winters & Farrington , shoe dealers , 112 nnorth First
Winters, J A, (W. & F. ) 112 nnorth First
Wirt, Dabney, (Watson and W. ) 75 Pine
Wirth, William, watchmaker , wswest side Fifth ssouth of Convent
Wise, Henry J, State and County collector , basement Planters’
house, on Chesnut—dwelling, 166 Olive
Wiser, Philip, cooper , eseast side Second ssouth of Hazel
Wisman, Henry, blacksmith , nsnorth side Franklin-avenue ee of Fifth
Wiseman, William, tailor , wswest side Fourth nnorth of Morgan
Wislezenus, Adolphus, M.D., swsouth west corner Second and Chesnut
Wissing, George B, tailor , eseast side Broadway nnorth of Morgan
Witcher, Frederick, clerk in surveyor-general’s office
Withnell, J, (Fulton Brewery ), wswest side Carondelet-av.avenue ssouth of Park-av.avenue
Wittig, Michael, beer-house , wswest side Second ssouth of Poplar
Wochner, Otto, (Augustin & co. ) 3 Market
Wohllen, A, widow , Columbian-house, eseast side Second ssouth of Convent
Wolf, Joseph, baker , 34 Green
Wolf, George, beer-house , wswest side Second nnorth of Hazel
Wolff & Hoppe , importers of German goods , 27 Market
Wolff Charles & co. , stove and hollow ware manufacturers and
dealers , 125 nnorth First
Wolff, Henry, shoemaker , swsouth west corner Eighth and Wash
Wolff, Christopher, clerk at Thorner’s
Wolff, William G, laborer , eseast side Ninth of Carr
Wolff, John, laborer , eseast side Second nnorth of Park-avenue
Wolfrod, John, laborer , sssouth side Wood eeast of Second
Wollkoff, R, Germ. and Eng. teacher , eseast side Second nnorth of Lombard
Wolke, John H, laborer , eseast side Jackson ssouth of Miller
Wonderly, Peter, (W. & Clapp, ) 336 Market
Wonderly & Clapp , copper, tin and sheet-iron manufacturers ,
No. 1 Commercial-alley, rear of 9 Washington-avenue
Wood & Creley , merchants , 62 Market
Wood, William M, (W. & C. ) 62 Market
Wood, John g, carpenter , boards at Mansion-house
Wood, Benjamin, livery-stable , sssouth side Pine wwest of Second
Wood, John, laborer , eseast side Ninth ssouth of Wash
Wood, T. (Ballance & W. ) 17 Green