Green's St. Louis directory :
Young, James A, boot and shoe manufacturer and merchant ,
194 nnorth Third—dwelling, sssouth side Morgan wwest of Tenth
Boot And Shoe Store.
James, A. Young,
Boot and Shoe Merchant and Manufacturer ,
194 Broadway,
(Opposite North Market,)
St. Louis, Mo.,
Keeps Constantly On Hand
An ample and complete Stock of Boots, Shoes, and every article in that
line, both of his own and Eastern manufacture, which he sells on terms equal
to the most favorable offered in this city.
Yoxall, John, clerk , at G & T Lewis’
Yule, William, merchant tailor , 26 Green
Zancroff, John, laborer , nsnorth side Franklin-avenue wwest of Eighth
Zangler, Terese, widow , sssouth side Almond eeast of Third
Zeis, Adam, tailor , wswest side Scond nnorth of Locust
Ziebold, Joseph, wswest side Third nnorth of Mulberry
Ziebold, Jacob, laborer , wswest side Jackson nnorth of Barry
Ziefel, F, shoemaker , 58 Green
Ziegenhain, William, musician , nsnorth side Wash eeast of Ninth
Zierlein, Henry L, boarding-house , 5 nnorth Fourth
Zimmerman, William, mason , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Franklin-avenue
Zindell, Louis, grocer , wswest side Thirteenth ssouth of Spruce
Zoeckler, George, match-maker , eseast side Fifth nnorth of Convent
Zoeckler, Lewis, butcher , sssouth side Wood eeast of Second
Zoll, Conrad A, beer-house , nenorth east corner Twelfth and Franklin-av.avenue