Green's St. Louis directory :
Central-tavern , 82 Chesnut
Cerre, P L, swsouth west corner Second and Pine, entrance on Pine
Cerre, M S, clerk at P Chouteau, jr, & co’s—dwelling , swsouth west cor
Third and Plum
Chadwick, John, trader , sssouth side Cedar wwest of First
Chaffin, E, furnishing-store , 118 nnorth First—dw,dwelling sssouth side Olive wwest of Sixth
Chaloner, Thomas, wswest side Broadway ssouth of Wash
Chamberlain & Davies , Herald of Religious Liberty—office , sesouth east
corner Fourth and Chesnut, upstairs
ChamberlainHiram, D.D., editor Herald of Religious Liberty—
dwelling , nenorth east Elm ssouth of Third
Chamberlain, F B, clerk , boards at Jefferson-house
Chamberlain, B B, bookkeeper , sssouth side Morgan wwest of Twelfth
Chambers, David, (H. & co.) 159 Market
Chambers, Colonel William, office 118 Market, upstairs
Chambers, H W, (Watkins & co.) 95 Chesnut
Chambers & Knapp , Missouri Republican office , 47 nnorth First
Chambes, A B, editor Missouri Republican—dwelling , nwnorthwest cor
Sixth and Elm
Chambers, Francis, foundry , wswest side First nnorth of Bates
Chambers, James, [c.colored person ] sssouth side Poplar wwest of Second
Chamblin, B, merchant , 37 ssouth First
Champion, John, drayman , wswest side Eighth ssouth of Wash, on alley
Chaou, Anthony, glazier , corner Ninth and Walnut
Chapin, Josiah, clerk , 27 nnorth First
Chapin, Erastus, nsnorth side Morgan wwest of Seventh
Chapman, T J, clerk , 58 nnorth Front
Chapman, Edward H, weigher , sssouth side Vine wwest of First
Chapman, George M, clerk , 135 nnorth First
Chapman, Thomas, clerk , nwnorthwest corner Second and Plum
Chapman, Walter A, eseast side Lorcetta ssouth of Marion
Chapman, Edw, bricklayer , wswest side Sixth nnorth of Franklin-av, on alley
Chapman, Elisha, carpenter , boards at Edward Chapman’s
Chappell, William L, 50 Olive
Charles, Robert, carpenter , wswest side Seventh opposite Convent
Charles, Benjamin F, foreman Republican-office , 47 nnorth First
Charles, Calvin, painter , sssouth side Franklin-avenue wwest of Ninth
Charles, Caleb B, miller , sssouth side Mound eeast of Ninth
Charless, Edward, grocer , 130 Market—dwelling, ne corner
Fourth and Walnut
Charless, Sarah, widow, sesouth east corner Fifth and market
Charless Joseph & co. , wholesale druggists , 49 nnorth First
Charless, Joseph(C. & co.) sesouth east corner fifth and Market
Charleville, Constant, moulder , 249 nnorth Second
Charleville, Francis, butcher , sssouth side Clark-avenue eeast of Fifteenth
Chase, Robert P, M.D. , office 68 Chesnut—boards at Edward
Chapman’s, 52 Vine.