Green's St. Louis directory :
Coons, George W, (C. & Beatty,) eseast side Fourth ssouth of Cedar
Coons, A J, M. D. , 18 Vine
Coony, James, laborer , nsnorth side St Charles wwest of Eighth
Coop, J, engineer , swsouth west corner Thirteenth and Washington-av,
Cooper, William, portrait painter , 20 Market
Cooper, Richard H, locksmith , sssouth side Washington-av.avenue wwest of Tenth
Cooper, W G, tailor , eseast side Tenth nnorth of Carr
Cooper, William R, carpenter , nenorth east corner Eighth and Carr
Cooper, G B, carpenter , boards at Casterline’s
Cooper, William B, clerk , eseast side Fifth nnorth of Rutger
Cooper, Thomas, mason , wswest side Ninth ssouth of Market
Cooper, Abraham, laborer , wswest side Carondelet-road eeast of Park-av,
Coote & Cozens , surveyors , 52 nnorth Second
Coote, Clement W, (C. & C.) 52 nnorth Second
Cope, James N, tobacconist , boards at Burleigh’s
Coppleman, John H, cabinet-maker , wswest side Fourth nnorth of Morgan
Coply, Richard P, pedlar , wswest side Second ssouth of Cedar
Copp, Saml, clerk Protection Ins. Agency , boards at 50 Olive
Corby, William H, engineer , wswest side Fifth nnorth of Wash
Corcoran, John, near Arsenal, delegate from First Ward
Cordes, Deidrich, grocer , nenorth east corner Fifth and Olive
Cordes, A C, grocer , sesouth east corner Fifth and Convent
Cordy, Henry, drayman , eseast side Seventh near Pine
Corl, J H, gauger and inspector , 35 nnorth Front — dwdwelling , 53 nnorth Fourth
Corley, W C, chair-maker , 22 Pine — dwelling, 96 Olive
Cormack, J B, pilot , boards at Fifth-ward-house
Cormany, N R, publisher German Tribune , 21 Vine
Cormi, Bernard, carter , sssouth side Morgan wwest of Seventh
Cornell, James H, cabinet-maker , 45 Market, upstairs
Cornforth, W, shoe-thread manuftr , sssouth side Locust wwest of Fourth, upsupstairs ,
Cornick, Tulley R, attorney at law , nenorth east corcorner Eighth and Locust
Corson, John, clerk , nenorth east corner Eighth and Franklin-avenue
Cortambert, L R, French Consul , 17 ssouth First
Cosgrove, Jane, teacher , 9 nnorth Third
Costillo, Edward, boards at Mrs Smith’s
Cottage Arcade , 52 Pine
Cottrell, G W, hatter , nsnorth side Wash eeast of Eighth
Cotter, —, shoemaker , 76 Market
Couchom, Alexander, confectioner , eseast side Second ssouth of Almond
Coughlin, David, brass-founder , swsouth west corner Sixth and Green
Coulter, William, carpenter , sssouth side Morgan wwest of Twelfth
Coulter, G W, 162 nnorth Fourth
Coulter, William B, grocer , 162 nnorth Fourth
Coulter, William, brickmaker , Loretto ssouth of Marion
Courtenay, Thomas F, clerk at W W Thompson & co.’s
Courtenay, Charles(Pomarede & C.) corner Second and Olive
Courtenay, Abraham, carpenter , nsnorth side Chambers wwest of Broadway