Green's St. Louis directory :
Douglass, Philander, whitewasher , wswest side Sixth nnorth of Franklin-av.avenue
Dovener, William. eseast side Sixth ssouth of Cerre
Dow, Catharine, widow, sssouth side Morgan eeast of Third
Dow, Frederick, riverman , wswest side Sixth nnorth of Green
Dowd, Augustus, riverman , 187 Green
Dowdall, J T, wollen machinery and cotton-batting manufac-
tory , eseast side Second nnorth of Green
Dowling, Elizabeth, Dowling-house , wswest side Second nnorth of Spruce
Dowling, Joseph, boards with Elizabeth Dowling
Dowling, R, deputy-sheriff eseast side Fifth ssouth of Convent
Dowling, Philip, livery-stable , 70 nnorth Third
Dowling, Matthias, laborer , sssouth side Lombard wwest of Second
Downing, William, eseast side Fifth nnorth of Wash
Doyle, Thomas, tailor , 134 Green
Doyle, William, grocer , sesouth east corner Third and Myrtle
Drahal, William, tailor , eseast side Eighth ssouth of Biddle
Drake, Charles D, attorney at law , 13 Chesnut
Dreisigaker, John, shoemaker , wswest side Sixth nnorth of Chesnut
Dresser, Thomas, carpenter , 164 Morgan
Dreyer, F A, merchant , 26 Market
Driscoll, P, blacksmith , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Morgan
Droege, Gerhard, printer , at Anzieger des Westens
Drukker & Hart , clothiers , 38 nnorth Front
Drummond, Samuel, brass founder , wswest side Third ssouth of Market
Du, , wwidow, boards at E H Chapman’s
Du, Breuil Louis, nenorth east corner Second and Spruce, upstairs
DubbsMartin, jr, (Turner & co.) — dwelling, near Kemper
Medical University
Duck, Davis, ladies’ shoe-store , wswest side Fourth nnorth of Olive
Duckworth, G W, plasterer , eseast side Ninth nnorth of Morgan
Dudley, Frederick, (Case & co.) 38 Green
Dudly, Hanson, laborer , eseast side Ninth nnorth of Franklin-avenue
Duey, Ira, carter , wswest side Sixth nnorth of Franklin-avenue, on alley
Duerkes, Philip, match-maker , wswest side Fifth ssouth of Hickory
Duff, John, trader , nenorth east corner Third and Spruce
Duffey, Michael, drayman , wswest side Sixth nnorth of Pine
Duffey, Charles, mason , nsnorth side Morgan wwest of Ninth
Duffey, Bernard, laborer , wswest side Ninth nnorth of Franklin-avenue
Duffey, Daniel, pilot , nsnorth side Barry eeast of Seventh
DufourJerman, M.D., 45 nnorth Second
Dufrene, August, carpenter , eseast side Third ssouth of Lombard
Dugdale, Francis, laborer , eseast side Ninth nnorth of Market
Duhring, Andrew, merchant , eseast side Third ssouth of Poplar
Duhring, H, merchant , 28 Market — dwdwelling , Third ssouth of Poplar
Dukman, Thomas, segar manufacturer , 30 Vine
Dulle, J B, shoemaker , 117 Green
Dumm, Patrick, Saint Charles-road wwest of Eleveth