Green's St. Louis directory :
Early, J, [c.colored person ] riverman , wswest side Grangausier-alley ssouth of Wash
Earl, Abel, plane-maker , eseast side Broadway opposite Franklin-av.avenue
EasterlyE, M.D., medicine depot , 76 Chesnut
Eaves, W T, silversmith , 30 Chesnut
Ebintrick, George, laborer , eseast side Eleventh ssouth of Biddle
Eberhart, George, laborer , nsnorth side Franklin-avenue wwest of Eleventh
Eberle, Valentine, cabinet-maker , wswest side Second ssouth of Spruce
Eberlein, Theodore S, clerk at Turnbull & Pray’s
Ebert, Ferdinand, segar-maker , nsnorth side Franklin-avenue eeast of Ninth
Ebert, Conrad, laborer , wswest side Twelfth ssouth of Spruce
Eberts, Nathan, clothier , dwelling wswest side Fifth ssouth of Park-avenue
Eberts, Hermann, carter , eseast side Third ssouth of Lombard
Eble, John, coffee-house , eseast side Second ssouth of Wood
Ebmeier, H C, clerk at Heisterhagen’s
Ebner, John, distiller , eseast side Second ssouth of Lombard
Eby, C, shoemaker , 231 nnorth Second — dw, es Second nnorth of Cherry
Eck, Joseph, (Clark & E.) 33 Elm wwest of First
Eckert, Frederick, Arcade Baths , 128 and 130 nnorth Second
St. Louis Arcade Bath-House .
FrederickEckert, ,
No. 12S and 130 North Third Street,
Saint Louis.
This well-known Establishment is open Every Day, where
Warm, Cold, Shower and Salt Baths,
Can Be Had At All Times And Seasons.
To the Ladies’ Apartments, the Entrance is at No. 130 North Second.
Eckert, Charles, tailor , sssouth side Morgan wwest of Fourth
Eckert, John W, cooper , wswest side Thirteenth nnorth of Wash
Eckert, Martin, blacksmith , nsnorth side Biddle wwest of Fifth
Eckert, Nicholas, shoemaker , nsnorth side Spruce eeast of Second
Eckert, Joseph, mason , eseast side Eighth ssouth of Wood
Ecklekamp, Henry, baker , corner Eighth and Market
Eckler, Charles F, Thirteenth ssouth of Morgan
Eckler, Charles A, swsouth west corner Thirteenth and Orange
Eckley, Levi, merchant , 7 nnorth Front — dwelling, 46 Market
Eckman, Richard, carpenter , sssouth side Biddle wwest of Ninth
Eckmeyer, Adolph, carter , eseast side Eleventh ssouth of Biddle
Eddins, S D, 57 nnorth First
Eddy, James H, merchant , 154 nnorth Fourth
Eddy, Robert, clerk at J H Eddy’s