Green's St. Louis directory :
Angelrodt, Eggers & Barth , grocers and liqr mrchts , 173 nnorth First
Ernest C.Angelrodt, . EdwardEggers, . RobertBarth, .
Angelrodt, Eggers & Barth ,
Importers And Dealers In
Groceries, Liquors, Wines and Segars,
Commission and Forwarding Merchants ,
167 Main Street,
St. Louis Mo.,
Angelbeck, Frederick, (A. & L.) swsouth west corner Third and Walnut
Angelbet, John, carpenter , wswest side Third nnorth of Rutger
Anson George, & co , money dealers , 79 nnorth First
Anson, George, (A. & co.) 79 nnorth First
Annan, Roberdeau, druggist , 80 Market — dwelling, eseast side Fifth btbetween
Almond and Poplar
Anzug, Casper, drayman , eseast side Fourteenth nnorth of Carr
Apler, George, carpenter , wswest side Third nnorth of Rutger, on alley
Appl, William, laborer , eseast side Jackson ssouth of Wood
Apple, Jacob, cooper , eseast side Second nnorth of Cedar, on alley
Appleton, Charles D, notary public , 77 nnorth First
Arbugust, Marcellus, tobacconist , eseast side Second nnorth of Olive
Armor, John, blacksmith , eseast side Second nnorth of Pine, upstairs
Armstrong, D H, teacher Pub School No. 3 , eseast side Sixth nnorth of Locust
Armstrong, William, nsnorth side Olive wwest of Second, upstairs
Armstrong, J, blacksmith , sw cor Seventh and Biddle, upstairs
Armstrong, Charles, steamboat clerk , boards at Monroe-house
Armstrong, David, butcher , eseast side Biddle wwest of Seventh
Arnold, Jacob, blacksmith , sssouth side Market wwest of Ninth
Arnold, Thomas, ropemaker , eseast side Twelfth ssouth of Morgan
Arnold, Mary Ann, widow, sssouth side Spruce eeast of Third
Arnold, James P, ropemaker , sssouth side Morgan wwest of Twelfth
Arnold, Britton, laborer , eseast side Ninth nnorth of Franklin-avenue
Arthur, Robert, engineer , nsnorth side Rutger eeast of Fifth
Arthur, John, private boarding-house , eseast side Third nnorth of Pine
Artist, N D, barber , 34 Pine
Arcade Baths , FEckert, , 128 and 139 nnorth Second
Aschenbech H & CoCompany , brushmakers , 71 Market
Ashford, H, shoe-dealer , 24 Market — dw,dwelling sssouth side Walnut eeast of Fifth
Asinger, Casper, laborer , eseast side Twelfth ssouth of Carr
Aspinall Brothers & co , china merchants , 4 nnorth First
Aspinall, George, wswest side Fifth ssouth of Cerre
Ast, Stephen, bricklayer , sssouth side Market wwest of Ninth
Atchison, George, steamboat captain , nwnorthwest corner Fifth and Oliver