Green's St. Louis directory :
English, Michael, painter , boards at J W How’s
English, Elkanah, carpenter , nwnorthwest corner Fourth and Cerre
English, Ezra, (McHose & E.) eseast side Third ssouth of Hazel
Ennis, John, shoemaker , 65 Market
Ennis, Charles, clerk at Franklin & Perry’s
Enoch, John, laborer , wswest side Second ssouth of Mound
Enos & McCortney , engine builders , 194 nnorth Second
Enos & M’Cortney ,
Engine Builders And Machinists
No. 194 North Second-Street,
(Two Doors Above Morgan),
St. Louis, Mo.
Machinery of every description made and repaired at
short notice.
N.B. Low For Cash
Enos, C R, (E.& M.) boards at J H McCortney’s
Epes, Jesse, [c.colored person ] huckster , 91 Market
Erbarts, Henry, laborer , eseast side Ninth ssouth of Carr, upstairs
Erskine, Green, nenorth east corner Eighth and Olive
Espenschiet, Lewis, blacksmith , sssouth side Elm wwest of First
Essex, J C, bookbinder , 8 nnorth First — dwelling, nsnorth side Franklin-av,
w of Seventh
Essex, Julia, wswest side alley in block 253
Ete, John, 87 Olive
Evening Gazette-office , swsouth west corner First and Olive
Daily Evening Gazette ,
By McKee, & Ruth, .
This Paper is published at $6 per annum; Tri-weekly, at $3, and Weekly,
at $2, payable in advance.
Book And Job Printing.
Connected with the above, we have an extensive Printing establishment,
in which we are prepared to execute any king of Printing
at the shortest notice, such as
Books, Pamphlets, Cards, Hands-bills, Steamboat-bills, & C.
M’Kee, & Ruth, .