Green's St. Louis directory :
Fagin, Joseph, clerk at A W Fagin’s
Fagin, John, blacksmith , wswest side Sixth ssouth of Poplar
Fagles, Shelton C, portrait painter , 31 nnorth Second
Fahy, Owen, laborer , wswest side Ninth nnorth of Franklin-avenue
Farbridge, Thomas, moulder , 96 nnorth First
Fairchild, Gershom, blacksmith , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Franklin-av.avenue
Fairchild, Harvey, steamboat captain , nenorth east corner First and Smith
Fairley, Matthew, miller , eseast side Second ssouth of Spruce
Falin, Michael, carpenter , boards at Casterline’s
Fallen, Wesley, carriage-maker , at Powers’
Falls, John, paper-maker , wswest side Centre ssouth of Market
Faning, Patrick, stone cutter , sssouth side Washington-av.avenue wwest of Tenth
Fandebh, Henry, laborer , wswest side Panurge-alley ssouth of Biddle
Fanning, Samuel, carpenter , nwnorthwest corner Tenth and Walnut
Farish, Mrs Frances, wswest side Fifth, opposite Court-house
Farish, H C, 38 Pine
Farley, Patrick, drayman , eseast side Seventh ssouth of Wash, on alley
Fairs, Thomas, laborer , sssouth side Florida wwest of First
Farmer, Henry, Washington-avenue-hotel , corner Commercial
and Washington-avenue
Farnesworth S V & co. , copper, tin, and sheet-iron ware man-
ufacturers , 61 nnorth First
Farnesworth, S V, (F. & co.) sesouth east corner Fifth and Carr
Farnesworth, E H, (F. & co.) boards at Jefferson-house
Farnesworth, Valentine, coppersmith , 61 nnorth First
FarrAsa, jr, wholesale hardware merchant , 147 nnorth First
Farrar, J O F, medical student , at Dr Pallen’s
Farrell, James, laborer , nsnorth side Poplar eeast of First
Farrenc, Edward, liquor merchant , wswest side Second ssouth of Olive—
dwelling, wswest side Thirteenth ssouth of Carr
E., Farrenc,
Importer Of Wines And Liquors ,
No. 72 Second Street,
(Near The Glasgow House), Between Pine And Olive.
Farington, G W, clerk , 104 Market
Farrington, S S, (Winters & F.) boards at A Boyd’s
Farsen, Lewis, gentleman , wswest side Carondelet-av.avenue ssouth of Lafayette
Farwell L & A G , com.commission and forwarding merchants , 69 nnorth Front
Farwell, Lyman, (L & A G F.) 86 Franklin-avenue
Fath, Jacob, tavern , wswest side Fourth ssouth of Almond
Fay, N, dry-goods and grocer —dw, es Seventh ssouth of Market
Fealy, Thomas, 18 Green