Green's St. Louis directory :
Fischer, Francis, Arsenal-hotel , eseast side Carondelet-avenue ssouth of Lami
Fischer, Adolph, cabinet-marker , eseast side Jackson nnorth of Marion
Fiscgens, Joseph, brewer , nsnorth side Hickory wwest of Seventh
Fischtenkam, George M, grocer , nwnorthwest corner Second and Hazle
Fish, John, plasterer , sesouth east corner Eighth and Biddle
Fish, C H, boarding-house , sw cor Fifth and Washington-av.avenue
Fishback, Pamelia, milliner , eseast side Fourth nnorth of Pine
Fishback, George, pilot , 185 Green
Fisher, F, attorney at law , 21 Chesnut
Fisher, Isaac, carpenter , sesouth east corner Fifth and Market
Fisher, A, bookstore and paper-warehouse , 100 nnorth First
Fisher, Robert, 100 nnorth First
Fisher, William P, (King & F.) 101 Washington-avenue
Fisher, James, shoemaker , nwnorthwest corner Seventh and Morgan
Fisher, Rinehart, sesouth east corner Tenth and Biddle
Fithiam, Thomas, steamboat captain , sssouth side Morgan wwest of Tenth
Fittz, Caleb D, upholsterer , dwelling sw cor Fifth and Wash
Fizgerald, Edward, carpenter , eseast side Fifth ssouth of Convent
Fitzgerald, John, boarding-house , 95 nnorth Front
Fitzgerald, Edward, carpenter , Seventh wwest of Convent-square
Fitzhough, William, shoemaker , nsnorth side convent eeast of Third
Fitzhough, Ezra, laborer , nsnorth side Market wwest of Tenth
Fitzpatrick, John, plasterer , sesouth east corner Ninth and Franklin-av.avenue
Fitzpatrick, James, mason , nsnorth side Morgan eeast of Fourteenth
Fitzpatrick, WmWilliam, mason , wswest side Carondelet-av. opp. U. S. Arsenal
Fitzsimmons, —, bookkeeper , boards at Fifth-ward-house
Fitzwilliam, Dennis, laborer , eseast side Fifth ssouth of Green
Fitzwilson, Edward, blacksmith , eseast side Jackson nnorth of Barry
Flagg, E, editor Eve. Gaz , boards at Mr Darrah’s 128 nnorth Fourth
Flanagan, William, contractor , sssouth side Market wwest of Fourteenth
Flandrin, Francis, carpenter , sssouth side Poplar eeast of Second, upstairs
Flatau, Isaac, clothier , 40 nnorth Front
Flatau, Isaac, clothier , 119 nnorth First
Fleadhoff, Conrad, tailor , nenorth east corner Miller and Jackson
Fleder, Caspar, carpenter , wswest side Jackson nnorth of Miller
Fleischman, Eliza K, widow, eseast side Sixth ssouth of Market
Fleishower, George, laborer , nsnorth side Poplar wwest of First
Fleming, Mark, trader , on Sixth ssouth of Market
Fleming, John, drayman , swsouth west corner Eleventh and Market
Fleming, Theodore, wswest side Eight ssouth of Market
Flig, Balaser, tailor , 9 nnorth Second
Flinn, Michael, drayman , nsnorth side Green wwest of Tenth
Flinn, Michael, eseast side Fifth ssouth of Convent
Flinn, Patrick F, laborer , wswest side Broadway nnorth of Morgan
Flint, John H, tailor , eseast side Seventh ssouth of Wash
Flint, Nicholas, stone-cutter , wswest side jackson nnorth of Miller
Flochmeyer, Francis, laborer , nenorth east corner Second and Wood, upsupstairs .