Green's St. Louis directory :
Foster, Joseph, carpenter , wswest side Fourth ssouth of Cerre
Foster, Robert, steamboat mate , 3 Saint Charles
Foster, Thos, steamboat mate , nenorth east corner Thirteenth and Wash
Foster and Temple , merchants , 8 nnorth Front
Fotheringhame, Thomas, brewer , 70 Saint Charles
Fouische, F, carpenter , sesouth east corner Sixth and Washington-av.avenue
Foulds, William, laborer , wswest side Ninth nnorth of Franklin-av.avenue
Foulkes & Shaw , tobacco manufacturers , eseast side First ssouth of Elm
Foulkes, Christopher, (F. & Shaw) eseast side Third of Walnut
Fountain, Cyrus, tinner , Pine, rear of 36
Fountain, Joseph, boarding-house , 102 Green
Fountain, Joseph, farrier , nsnorth side Morgan wwest of Sixth
Fourgeaud, Victor J, (Masure & F.) eseast side Fifth ssouth of Almond
Fourth Presbyterian Church , sesouth east corner Sixth and St Charles
Fowler, Benjamin, pilot , 67 Saint Charles
Fowler, Robert, carpenter , eseast side Broadway nnorth of Biddle
Fowler, Robert, riverman , sssouth side Franklin-av w of Ninth
Fox, Conrd, 266 nnorth First
Fox, Patrick, laborer , wswest side Broadway ssouth of Carr
Fox, Thomas, laborer , wswest side First nnorth of Lombard
Fox, John, laborer , eseast side First ssouth of Spruce
Fox, Thomas, drayman , eseast side First ssouth of Spruce
Fox, William, carpenter , nsnorth side Randolph wwest of Twelfth
Fox, G, shoemaker , 60 Market
Fox, Lewis, shoemaker , sesouth east corner Tenth and Market
Frahen, Henry, tailor , sssouth side Cedar wwest of Second
Fraim, Archibald, pilot , sssouth side Morgan eeast of Eleventh
Farley, John W, tinner , 73 nnorth Second
Frame, Archbold, pilot , sssouth side Mound wwest of Ninth
Francis, D, (Edwards & F.) sesouth east corner Fourth and Market
Franciscus, John L, nenorth east corner Fifth and Rutger
Franklin & Perry , wholesale hardware merchants , 86 nnorth First
Franklin, J F, (F. & P.) wswest side Sixth, first door nnorth of Pine
Franklin Tavern , BBurbach, , swsouth west corner First and Cherry
Franksen & Wessenhoeft , German book-store , wswest side Second nnorth of
Frazer, John F, printer , at Reporter-office
Freeman, D B, clerk , wswest side Fifth ssouth of Carr
Freeman, F, carpenter , sssouth side Florida wwest of First
Freese, H H, tailor , 204 nnorth First
Freisleben, Julius, yarn manufacturer , wswest side Second ssouth of Elm
Freligh, John S, agency and intelligence-office , 124 nnorth First —
dwelling, 252 Franklin avenue
Fredman, DuBauffay, attorney at law , 47 Pine — dwelling, sssouth side of
Poplar wwest of Third
Frenz, Joseph, grocer , eseast side First ssouth of Morgan
Freshowers, Catharine, widow, sssouth side Mulberry eeast of Second