Green's St. Louis directory :
Haines, William, engineer , eseast side Fifth nnorth of Olive
Haitman, W W.shoemaker , sssouth side Pine wwest of Third
Hale, G C, auctioneer and com.commission merchant , 32 Chesnut, and ne
cor Second and Locust—dw, nw corner Sixth and Walnut
George C.Hale, ,
Auction And Commission Merchant ,
S. E. Corner of Second and Chesnut; and
N. E. Corner of Second and Locust-streets.
Has Constantly On Hand, At
Private Sale,
All Kinds Of Furniture,
Beds, Bedding, Mattresses, and Housekeeping Articles.
Hale, James, shoe-store , 51 nnorth Fourth
Hale, E, surgeon-dentist , corner Fourth and Saint Charles
Halford, Cynthia, seamstress , nsnorth side Chesnut wwest of Fifth
Hall, P L, clerk , 42 Market
Hall, D N, 95 Chesnut
Hall & Witzel , grocers , 5 nnorth Front
Hall, R P, (H. & W.) 5 nnorth Front
HallJ W, M.D., 115 Chesnut
Hall, Robert, laborer , eseast side Tenth nnorth of Market
Hall & Bigelow , attorneys at law , 44 Pine
Hall, Junius, (H. & B.) 44 Pine
Hall, J H, (Donaldson & H.) nenorth east corner Fifth and Pine
Hall, William, plane-maker , 27 nnorth First
Hall, C R, wswest side Sixth nnorth of Pine
Hall, Henry J, stone-cutter , nsnorth side Olive wwest of Ninth
Hall, Elisha, lumber merchant , 205 nnorth First—dwelling, swsouth west cor-
ner Ninth and Carr
Hall, George, drayman , eseast side Seventh ssouth of Wash
Hall, John, engineer city-waterworks , 225 nnorth Second
Halsall & Collett , booksellers and stationers , 119 nnorth First and
54 nnorth Fourth
Hallsall, John, (H. & C.) 119 nnorth First
Halteman, A, carpenter , eseast side Carondelet ssouth of Marion
Halthaus, C L, tobacconist , 54 Green
Ham, James, eseast side Sixth ssouth of Carr
Ham, Peter N, bookkeeper at A H Hackney’s
Hamath, Henry, laborer , eseast side Ninth ssouth of Wash
Hambleton, Samuel, (Craig & H.) boards with Alex. Craig