Green's St. Louis directory :
Hapworth, Willoughby, manufacturer , nsnorth side Plum eeast of Third
Harbison, Richard, eseast side Fourteenth ssouth of Market
Harden, Robert, moulder , wswest side Sixth nnorth of Carr
Harding, Lemuel, millwright , sssouth side Florida wwest of First
Harding, Geo, wood-sawyer , eseast side Eleventh nnorth of Morgan, upsupstairs .
Hardy, James A, (Boyle & H.) 90 nnorth First
Hardy, Patrick H, carpenter , eseast side Fourth ssouth of Spruce, on alley
Hardy, James L, tailor , eseast side Fifth ssouth of Gratiot
Hare, William, carpenter , swsouth west corner Sixth and Morgan
Hare, Thomas, potter , wswest side Broadway nnorth of Hempstead
Haren, Edward, notary public , eseast side Fifth opp.opposite South Market
Haren, E, market-master South-Market , eseast side Fifth nnorth of Convent
Hargrave, Joel, pedlar , wswest side Ninth nnorth of Franklin-avenue, upsupstairs .
Hargrave, Hezekiah, pilot , sssouth side Washington-avenue wwest of Tenth
Harig, F, shoemaker , sesouth east corner Seventh and Biddle
Harkman, H H, carpenter , eseast side Jackson nnorth of Miller
Harlan, William A, clerk , 53 nnorth First
Harlan, Jacob, Front ssouth of Elm
Harlock, James, baker , eseast side Broadway opposite Franklin-av.avenue
Harmes, William, boarding-house , nsnorth side Morgan wwest of Fourth
Harman, Adam, sssouth side Marked wwest of Ninth
Harold, Edward, shoemaker , 70 nnorth Third
Harold, Cornelius, carpenter , wswest side Eleventh ssouth of Carr
Harnett, James, brickmaker , wswest side Sixteenth ssouth of Market
Harvett, William A, brickmaker , eseast side Seventh ssouth of Labadie
Harney, William S, nsnorth side Fourth ssouth of Market
Harper, Childs & Carr’s rope-walk , eseast side Carondelet nnorth of Arsenal
Harper, William, boarding-house , eseast side First nnorth of Smith
Harper, Mrs Eliza, sssouth side Pine wwest of Eighth
Harralson, Robert, painter , sssouth side Mulberry wwest of First
Harrington, Dennis, printer , Republican-office, 47 nnorth First
Harrington, H, shoemaker , nwnorthwest corner Second and Locust
Harrington, William, shoemaker , nwnorth west corcorner Second and Locust
Harris, H, milliner , 68 Market
Harris, Ann, [c.colored person ] wswest side Ninth ssouth of Market
Harris, William, carpenter , 57 Market
Harris, S S, merchant , 162 nnorth Third
Harris, Joseph, whitesmith , 74 Green
Harris, Mary, widow, sssouth side Morgan wwest of Fifth
Harris, Thomas, carrier , wswest side Eighth nnorth of Morgan
Harris, O, port collector , 31 Front, upsupstairs . — dw,dwelling sssouth side Elm wwest of Sixth
Harris, Robert, [c.colored person ] riverman , eseast side Second ssouth of Almond
Harrisch, Daniel, shoemaker , se cor Second and Mulberry
Harrischer, Ferdinand, (S. & H.) wswest side Fifth nnorth of Labadie
Harrison, W P, mercht , 58 Market — dw,dwelling wswest side Sixth ssouth of Wash
Harrison, James, office 8 Vine — dwelling, eseast side Fourth ssouth of Elm
Harrison, William, hatter , 105 Green