Green's St. Louis directory :
Bacon, Sherman J, (B. & H.) wswest side Sixth ssouth of Franklin-avenue
Bacon, H D, miller—office , 22 ssouth First—dw,dwelling wswest side 58 of Locust
Bacon, Washington, carpenter , nwnorth west corcorner Twelfth and Orange
Bailey, Elizabeth, [c.colored person ] widow, nsnorth side Almond wwest of Second
Bacon, David M, riverman , eseast side Eleventh nnorth of Green
Bael, Adam, shoemaker , eseast side First nnorth of Elm
Bear, Conrad, carpenter , sw cor Thirteenth and Carr
Baggs, John, sssouth side Poplar wwest of Second
Bailey & Breen , merchants , 3 ssouth Front
Bailey, George S, (B. & B.) 3 ssouth Front
Bailey, Daniel, clerk at Wm Daniels’ dyeing establishment
Bailey, William, segar-maker , eseast side Ninth ssouth of Green
Bailey, George, carriage-maker , eseast side Second nnorth of Vine
Bailey, William, planeing-machine , wswest side Second nnorth of Cherry
Bafel, Henry, baker , wswest side Fourth ssouth of Spruce
Baker, Patrick, blacksmith , boards at Mr Arnold’s
Baker, L D, boarding-house , Glasgow’s row fourth, between
Locust and Saint Charles
Baker, L H, botanical practitioner , 164 nnorth Fourth
L. H.Baker, M. D.,
Botanic Practitioner ,
Fourth Street,
First Door Below Morgan Street, West Side,
St. Louis Mo.,
Baker, Joseph, hairdress , sssouth side Morgan eeast of Fifth
Baker, John, clerk , sesouth east corner Second and Morgan
Baker, Levin H.clerk , sesouth east corner Second and Morgan
Baker, Ralph, variety store , nsnorth side Franklin-av.avenue wwest of Eighth
Baker, Thomas, engineer , eseast side Fifth ssouth of Carr
Baker, Matthias M, nsnorth side Myrtle eeast of Second
Baldwin, Julius, wswest side Sixteenth ssouth of Market
Baldwin, George, tobacconist , boards at John Baxter’s
Baldwin, Henry, bookkeeper at Beach & Eddy’s , 174 Olive
Baldwin, John, tobacconist , corner Third and Locust
Baldwin, C M, silver-plater , nsnorth side Olive wwest of Third
Baldwin, John H, carpenter , boards at Hamilton’s
Baldwin, Peter, blacksmith , eseast side Third ssouth of Cedar
Baldwin, Joseph J.laborer , eseast side Fifth ssouth of Rutger
Ball, Henry J, [c.colored person ] barber , sesouth east corner Second and Olive
Ball, William, painter , eseast side Eighth ssouth of Carr
Ball, Hamilton, plasterer , boards at William Ball’s
Ball, John, laborer , wswest side Firstn of Bates
Ball, S W, (B. & co.) nsnorth side Morgan wwest of Seventh